Bomb Rush Cyberfunk State of the Art: A Complete Guide

bomb dash cyberpunk

Released on August 18, 2023, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is an indie marvel in the platform action-adventure world. Developed and published by Team Reptile, the game is now available on Microsoft Windows and Nintendo Switch, and is expected to be released on PlayStation and Xbox platforms on September 1, 2023.

The story centers on the player controlling a member of the youth group “The Bomb Charge.” Equipped with inline skates, skateboards, and bicycles, players navigate the vast expanses of the fictional New Amsterdam. To maintain their dominance, they skillfully spray graffiti, engage in battles with rival factions, and deftly evade law enforcement, all in an effort to gain control of the city’s five boroughs.

The visual landscape of Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is a symphony of cel-shaded aesthetics, music, gameplay dynamics, and an overall aura heavily influenced by the 2000 classic Jet Set Radio. Published by Sega for its Dreamcast console, the inspiration it draws from the latter game is obvious, radiating through the artistry, pacing, and overall atmosphere.

A noteworthy aspect of the game’s soundscape was created by a group of independent artists, with the critically acclaimed Hideki Naganuma being a standout. Naganuma is best known as the composer of the “Jet Set Radio” series, where he contributed to the harmonious rhythm of the gaming experience.

“Bomb Rush Cyberfunk” sparked a flurry of criticism, with reviewers divided over its similarities to “Jet Set Radio”. In this discussion, praise focuses on the game’s mechanics, visual aesthetics, and resonant soundtrack. However, constructive criticism has also surfaced, pointing out aspects such as the combat mechanics and simplicity of trick execution in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk State of the Art

  • Bomb Rush Cyberfunk State of the Art, crafted by Team Reptile, is the pinnacle of indie action-adventure platformers and resonates with the spiritual successors to the revered Jet Set Radio. Rooted in cel-shaded art, a musical pulse that echoes electronic and hip-hop beats, and dynamic gameplay, the game’s essence embodies the aura of the city.
  • Gameplay Dynamics: This 3D platformer seamlessly blends skating, grinding, and trickery into a maze-like interplay of obstacles and opponents. With the ability to spray graffiti, players can accumulate points and move forward, injecting the spirit of the city’s underground.
  • ARTISTIC EXPRESSION: Bomb Rush Cyberfunk’s canvas uses cartoon shading techniques to vividly enliven a world of vibrant tones and graffiti-filled backgrounds, a nod to fans of Jet Set Radio’s visual aesthetic.
  • Rhythmic Soundscape: The soundtrack intertwines electronic and hip-hop rhythms to enrich the gameplay and work harmoniously with the game’s high-speed action and metropolitan atmosphere.
  • The setting: a futuristic metropolis whose pulse is stifled by draconian policies prohibiting self-expression. Players take on the role of graffiti artists, navigating these alleys and evading the authorities as they embrace the twin ideals of freedom and creativity.

Revealed: “Bomb Rush Cyberfunk State of the Art” blends brisk movement, an aesthetic that resonates with rebellion, and a profound expression of self-expression. Longtime fans of Jet Set Radio will feel a respect worth cherishing, while newcomers to the genre will enjoy the blend of gaming prowess and innovative flair.

More achievements for Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

Listed below is a compilation of other achievements available in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk on Steam:

  • Iron legs
  • in flow
  • Go out now
  • Millennium Square was bombed
  • funk star
  • Hideout bombed
  • Mount Wisum was bombed
  • Millennium Mall was bombed

In addition to the “state of the art” achievements discussed previously, these achievements provide players with further goals to pursue when playing Bomb Rush Cyberfunk on Steam.Notably, all of these achievements can be earned without fear of missing out, giving players the freedom to work towards completing missions at the pace they prefer.


Uncovering Dynamic Targets in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk showcases an elaborate mission-based structure where players can engage in different objectives and challenges across a cityscape. Within this framework, a series of fascinating objectives await players:

Claimed Street:

The core of the game is about seizing control of the streets through the expressive medium of graffiti. Players are tasked with strategically marking specific locations to maintain dominance over the road and advance their progress.

mission completed:

A series of missions are woven into Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, allowing players to accumulate points and progress through the game’s narrative. These cover a range of tasks, including marking designated locations, rescuing characters, and participating in tournaments.

Outperform the competition:

In addition to completing missions, players can further accumulate points by outperforming their opponents. This required the execution of more complex techniques and graffiti, a strategic move to establish hegemony over the urban terrain.

City exploration:

The game unfolds in a vast open world environment, allowing players to explore freely at their leisure. As you explore, discover novel locations, hidden mysteries, and other unexpected delights within reach.

Music Immersion:

Complementing the exciting gameplay is a vibrant and captivating soundtrack that immerses players in the experience of skating, performing tricks and navigating the city.

Ultimately, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk offers a variety of objectives and challenges that draw players through a dynamic and daring realm of gameplay. From taking money on the street to completing missions and even outdoing your competitors, players can express themselves in a variety of ways and enjoy an engaging, dynamic journey in this action-packed platformer.

Bomb Rush Cyberpunk Gameplay

In Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, gameplay focuses on guiding the player’s character through the imaginative cityscape of New Amsterdam. This navigation can be facilitated by using a skateboard, inline skates or BMX bike. Executing tricks is a fundamental aspect of gameplay as the character travels through the city. A superpower backpack has also been added to the character’s mobility kit, which increases movement speed.

The core of the game involves skillful grinding operations throughout the cityscape and graffiti on various structures. This creative endeavor greatly improves the player’s gang reputation, represented in-game as “REP.” By strategically growing this reputation, players gain the ability to challenge rival gangs. Successfully winning these challenges will allow players to take control of the five different boroughs that collectively make up New Amsterdam.

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