Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is Coming to Xbox and PlayStation?

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is coming to Xbox and PlayStation?

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is now available on Xbox and PlayStation platforms, including Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS4 and PS5. Known for its mischievous and stylish gameplay, the game invites players to explore all cities and join the Bomb Stormtroopers. The main goal is to help Red, a unique graffiti artist rooted in internet culture, establish his supremacy in the urban landscape.

Players on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS4, and PS5 can look forward to experiencing the thrill of tearing apart a virtual city by conquering graffiti spots, competing against rivals, and developing their own unique art style. To be successful in this sport, mastering a variety of skills including skateboarding, inline skating, BMX riding, and more is essential.

By creatively utilizing the environment, players can perform stunts, accumulate points, and unlock a variety of stunts and boosts. Bomb Rush Cyberfunk promises exciting gameplay and creative challenges on Xbox and PlayStation platforms.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Features on Xbox and PlayStation

In terms of features, you can expect the following when you experience Bomb Rush Cyberfunk on Xbox and PlayStation:

Explore vibrant cities:

Immerse yourself in this sprawling metropolis divided into five distinct administrative districts. Find graffiti points to earn Reputation Points (REP), essential for challenging rival crews in intense crew battles.

Recruiting crew:

As you travel the cityscape, you’ll meet potential crewmates waiting to join your party. Along the way, discover hidden graffiti pieces to decorate your surroundings, acquire a variety of clothing colors, and even collect music to play on your trusty flip phone.

Superb skill system:

Show off your skills with skateboarding, inline skating or BMX tricks in a dynamic environment-based trick system. Make these combinations consistent with the manual, and for the highest score, combine special boosting techniques. The more combos you pull off, the more boost power you accrue, making it not only the fastest way to move, but also the most stylish.

Respond to changing challenges:

Beware the ever-adapting militarized police force, whose presence will intensify as you leave your artistic mark on the city. Your actions directly affect the level of law enforcement, adding a dynamic layer of challenge and excitement to your urban adventures.


bomb dash cyberpunk

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is an indie action-adventure platformer coming to the gaming world in 2023 from developer and publisher Team Reptile. It initially launched for Microsoft Windows and Nintendo Switch on August 18, 2023, and later on PlayStation and Xbox platforms on September 1, 2023.

In this game, players take on the role of members of the Bomb Rush Crew, a young gang sailing through the fictional city of New Amsterdam. Equipped with inline skates, skateboards, and bicycles, they embark on a mission to dominate all five boroughs of the city while engaging in graffiti art, battling rival gangs, and evading ruthless authorities.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk takes cues from the 2000 classic Jet Set Radio, captivating players with its cel-shaded art style, music, gameplay, and overall aesthetic. The soundtrack was composed by various independent artists, most notably Hideki Naganuma, the renowned composer behind the Jet Set Radio series.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk received mixed reception, with some critics divided over its similarity to Jet Set Radio. However, the game earned praise for its engaging gameplay, striking visuals, and eclectic soundtrack. On the other hand, it faced criticism for its combat system and relatively simple skill mechanics.

Bomb Rush Cyberpunk Gameplay

In Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, gameplay follows as players navigate the imaginative cityscape of New Amsterdam, choosing one of three exciting modes of transportation: skateboards, inline skates, or BMX bikes Expand. The core of the gameplay lies in unleashing a series of skills, injecting an element of style and skill into every move.

To enhance the experience, players are equipped with an extraordinary super-powered backpack that enhances their ability to traverse and catapult across the cityscape at incredible speeds. Players will embark on a fascinating journey as they make their way through the city’s streets, deftly grinding their way through the streets.

However, the real excitement is the act of leaving a mark on the urban landscape through graffiti art. Decorating buildings with vibrant graffiti tags becomes a central task that serves a dual purpose: not only does it add an artistic flair to New Amsterdam, but it also enhances the reputation of the player’s gang, represented by the coveted REP.

As REP rises, people have the opportunity to challenge rival gangs for dominance over the city’s five different boroughs. This intense competition for control of territory adds a compelling layer of strategy and competition to the game, as players must outwit, outwit, and outwit their opponents to emerge victorious and cement their crew’s supremacy. Bomb Rush Cyberfunk weaves a thrilling tapestry of skill, artistry and territorial conquest, promising an adrenaline-fueled and visually stunning gaming experience.

Bomb Rush Cyberpunk Trailer

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