Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Brink Terminal Graffiti

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Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is a video game launched in August 2023 that captivated players with its dynamic gameplay. It’s packed with fast-paced action that seamlessly blends platforming, music, and graffiti art. The background of the game is a futuristic city, and players play the role of graffiti artists in a collective. The essence of the game revolves around urban exploration, graffiti art creation, and confrontations with rival graffiti teams while skillfully evading the attention of a militarized police force.

This innovative game project is similar to Jet Set Radio, a highly regarded game from the early 2000s with a common theme of graffiti art and high-energy action. Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is available on Steam and Nintendo Switch, making it an extremely attractive offering for fans looking for an immersive and exciting gaming experience.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Brink Terminal Graffiti

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk delivers an engaging video game experience that blends dynamic graffiti clashes, urban exploration, and gravity-defying stunts in a vibrant neon metropolis. The centerpiece of this experience is the Brink Terminal, a unique gaming location that provides a graffiti canvas for players to express their creativity.

Bomb Rush Cyberpunk:

A futuristic game kingdom that invites players to navigate the city and decorate the cityscape with graffiti. Its signature features include high-speed gameplay and vivid artistic beauty.

Edge terminal:

Specific scenes in the game where players can find spaces to showcase their graffiti skills. To unlock this creative outlet, players must drain the canal and advance beyond Panet’s Mesh.


In the context of Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, graffiti symbolizes the art of applying paint to different surfaces in the virtual world. Success in this endeavor will earn players points and advance their progress by drawing designated areas.

Cheated achievements:

This is a prestigious gaming achievement that requires meticulous labeling of all graffiti points in an edge terminal setting.

At its core, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk thrives on promoting exploration and creativity through graffiti expression in futuristic urban landscapes. Notably, the Brink Terminal acts as an in-game hotspot, drawing players into the art of graffiti and progressing further.


Edge Terminal Bombing Trophy: Unlocked

In the PS4 version of Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, to earn the venerable “Brink Terminal Bombed” trophy, players need to successfully mark all graffiti spots within the Brink Terminal. This special achievement is designated as a Silver Trophy.

In order to access and decorate graffiti spots within the Brink Terminal, players must accept a dual challenge: first, they need to manipulate the game dynamics to drain the canal, and second, they must defeat the Mesh in the planetarium.

However, the path to completion has presented challenges for some players. One reported that efforts have been ongoing to identify and mark all graffiti spots in the Brinker Terminal. Of note, there has been an ongoing issue where certain spots on top of buildings continue to reappear even after spraying.

Likewise, another player is faced with a unique dilemma. Although there is only one location left in Edge Terminal, players are having trouble discovering it. Maps show it to be in the aerial center of the layer, but its precise location remains elusive.

Essentially, the quest for the “Brink Terminal Bombed” trophy is filled with intricacies and challenges as players explore the art of graffiti within the confines of Bomb Rush Cyberfunk.

Graffiti Adventure: Brinker Pier Urban Challenge

Determining the precise duration required to hit all graffiti spots within the Brink Terminal in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is still a bit fuzzy. The time frame involved will fluctuate based on the individual player’s proficiency and familiarity with the level’s complexity. It’s worth noting that the player’s skill level and previous exposure to the environment can cause this time difference.

Despite this, a significant number of players have had difficulty successfully identifying and marking all graffiti spots within Brink Terminal. Notably, one player documented his dilemma: finding a lonely location that was hard to find despite concerted efforts.

To gain access to these graffiti spots, players must skillfully execute two endeavors. Initially, they must skillfully manipulate the dynamics of the game to facilitate canal drainage. They are then tasked with defeating Mesh in the planetarium to win the privilege of decorating the environment with art of their choice.

All in all, the pursuit of these graffiti spots within the Brink Terminal is a journey filled with personal challenges, from fluctuations in time to the complex art of location identification and masterful execution.

Crafting Bomb Rush Cyberfunk: Team Reptile Characters

Team Reptile is proud to be an independent video game development studio based in Hilversum, North Holland, the Netherlands. The venerable studio has earned praise for its commitment to original games, all of which exude a unique and recognizable style. Under the creative direction of game director Dion Koster, Team Reptile has delivered an impressive title called Bomb Rush Cyberfunk.

The video game introduces players to a unique stunt system that includes a range of moves such as grinding, sliding, wall running, and aerial maneuvers, whether in the sky or on solid terrain.

Set in a captivating universe, the game paints a vivid picture of self-styled graffiti groups, supported by personalized booster packs, embroiled in fierce street conflicts as they battle for supremacy. On August 18, 2023, “Bomb Rush Cyberfunk” made its debut and was the first to land on the Nintendo Switch platform. Subsequently, its footprint expanded to PlayStation and Xbox platforms in September of the same year.

This immersive gaming experience engages players in strategic face-offs with rivals, mastering challenges deftly while strategically responding to the intervention of military police forces. Target? Control five unique boroughs of the enchanting kingdom of New Amsterdam.

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