Blasphemous 2 Cobijada Locations Guide, Where to Find Cobijada in Blasphemous 2?

Blasphemy 2

Produced by The Game Kitchen and published by Team17, Desecrated 2 is an enchanting side-scrolling Metroidvania masterpiece. This sequel builds upon its predecessor, Blasphemous (2019), and is a testament to the developer’s creativity and dedication. The game will be released in August 2023 and will be available for the first time on Windows PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S.

Blasphemous 2 invites exploration, discovery, and engaging game mechanics that draw players into an intricate world. As a continuation of the original narrative, the sequel adds depth to the story, further immersing players in a world filled with challenge, mystery and dark beauty. The game won critical acclaim from critics and players alike, receiving a series of positive reviews upon release, cementing its status as an outstanding addition to the Metroidvania-like genre.

Blasphemous 2 Kobejada Locations Guide

grille and ruins

  • In the area of ​​grates and ruins, navigate to the long vertical room that leads to the entrance to the Chorus of Thorns.
  • In this room, look for the hidden corner to the left at the top of the ladder.
  • Destroy the wall in this hidden corner to find Cobijada. Talk to her to pick her up.

Embroidery Palace

  • Explore the Embroidery Palace area until you find a vertical room in the upper right corner.
  • In this room, find a hidden corner in the upper right corner.
  • Destroy hidden corners to reveal areas in the center. Scroll down to find Cobijada below.

holy burial 1

  • Go through the Sacred Tomb area until you defeat the Great Teacher Radames Boss.
  • After defeating the boss, go right from the boss room into the next room.
  • Drop down to the lower part of the room and hit the wall on the left to reveal a hidden corner with a Cobijada inside.

mother’s mother

  • Reach the upper right room where the Mother of Mothers is located.
  • In this room, find a hidden corner to the right at the top of the ladder.
  • Hit the hidden corner to find Cobijada and a statue.

Rest of the Silent

  • Head to the “Rest of the Silent” location and head to the large rectangular room near the beginning.
  • Jump to the ledge in the left corner that leads to the area above where you woke up at the beginning of the game.
  • In the vertical room on the right wall, find a hidden corner with Cobijada right behind it.

holy burial 2

  • Arrive at the Holy Burial Site and find the large vertical rectangular room before receiving the Veredicto/Anointed Favor.
  • Climb and double jump up the two walls to reach a ledge with an abandoned rosary knot.
  • Behind the abandoned rosary knot is a hidden corner. Click on it to find Cobijada.

Choir of Thorns

  • Head to the Choir of Thorns location and head to the lower right exit of the specific room.
  • Look up at the ceiling in front of the exit and look for a gap. Jump into the gap to reveal a mirror.
  • Hit the mirror with Sarmiento and Centella, go up to the ledge above and find Cobijada.

Choir of Thorns 2

  • Continue progression through the main story until you unlock the Wind Mercy Aerial Dash ability from the Tower Crown.
  • Go to the room shown on the map. Sprint left through the chain to a platform.
  • Continue left until you reach what appears to be a dead end. Hit the wall there to find Kobijada.

severed tower

  • Use the Forgotten Tribute to enter the area at the top of the Severn Tower.
  • From where you arrived, go right into the next room.
  • Make your way through the area to find the last Cobijada hidden in the corner.


Blasphemous 2: How to unlock all movement abilities?

Ivy Ascension: Climbing Wall

  • Entering Profundo Lamento: Go right from the City of the Holy Name and fall through the central crack to enter Profundo Lamento.
  • Obtain Ascension Ivy: Inside Profundo Lamento, reach the statue, which gives you the Ascension Ivy ability, allowing you to cling to walls.

Three weapons and abilities

  • Get all three weapons: Collect all three weapons as you progress – Ruego Al Alba, Sarmiento & Centella and Veredicto .
  • Unlock weapon abilities:
    • Ruego Al Alba (Tower Crown): Performs a ground slam attack from high up to break certain walls.
    • Sarmiento and Centra (Embroidery Palace): Hit the floating statue to bend forward.
    • Veredicto (Holy Burial): Strike the floating bell to summon platforms or break walls.

“Path of Ashes: Double Jump”

  • Get the Wall Climb and all three weapons: Get the Ascension Ivy and all three weapons.
  • Reaching beneath her shrine: Go to Santa Maria, accessible from the south-east corner of Profundo Lamento.
  • Playing Rugo Al’Alba: Use Rugo Al’Alba to destroy the walls that block access to her shrine beneath.
  • Defeat the Adamantite Sentinel: Navigate beneath her sanctum, defeat the boss, and gain access to the Ash Passage to gain the ability to double jump.

Mercy of the Wind: Air Dash

  • Unlock the double jump: Defeat the bosses Radamés, Lesmes and Orospina to unlock the double jump.
  • Lowering the Sky City: Enter the elevated temple above the City of the Holy Name.
  • Reaching the Church of the Five Pigeons: Ascend through the elevated temple to reach the Church of the Five Pigeons.
  • Unlock new objectives: Complete four more dungeons and defeat their bosses.
  • Reaching the Cathedral of the Absent Face: Use the teleporter in the tower crown to reach the Cathedral of the Absent Face.
  • Find the Wind Mercy: In the Cathedral, enter the Crown of the Tower and gain the Wind Mercy ability for air dash.

Protection for Descendants: Angel Ring

  • Get Air Dash: Defeat Benedicta and Odon to unlock Air Dash.
  • Enter the Sunken Cathedral: Use a double jump and air rush to cross the gap and cross the sea of ​​ink to reach the Sunken Cathedral.
  • Defeat Odon: Conquer the Sunken Cathedral and defeat the boss Odon.
  • Enter the Tidal Maze: After defeating Odon, you will find a hole that leads to the Tidal Maze.
  • Reaching the Fault Tower: Make your way through the Tidal Maze and ascend the Fault Tower.
  • Get the Protection of the Scions: Find the Protection of the Scions on the left side of The Severed Tower, activate the little angel to reach the new area.

“Desecration 2” gameplay

Desecration 2 is a 2D side-scrolling masterpiece in the realm of metroidvania action-adventure. Immersive gameplay centers on players taking on the role of the Penitent, a staunch and wordless knight tasked with embarking on a new odyssey in a brand new kingdom. The mission: to stop the resurgence of an ominous evil curse called “The Miracle”. Blasphemous 2 is positioned to follow the original game’s influential “Wounds Of Evenside” update, intricately weaving its narrative threads.

Like its predecessor, the game’s universe is filled with dangerous traps, intricate platforming challenges, ruthless opponents, and terrifying boss encounters. However, players will also encounter a vibrant cast of non-playable characters who offer assistance or engage players in interesting side quests.

A notable feature of Blasphemous 2 is its diverse arsenal of weapons, each with unique attributes, attack speed, special abilities, and skill trees. These weapons include the War Censer, which delivers powerful but measured attacks; the Rapier and Dagger, which allow for fast and ruthless dual-wielding; and the Prayer Blade, a versatile weapon that combines the best of both fighting styles. Importantly, these weapons also serve as tools for traversal, revealing new paths and solving complex puzzles.

Blasphemous 2 Achievement Guide



player score

Two penitents

Unlock all achievements.


a thousand years later

Defeat the Faceless Ones and Annihilate the Chisels.


blood and dust

Defeat the great mentor Radames.


blood and gold

Defeat Orospina in the Embroiderers’ Guild.


blood and iron

Defeat Lesmeth in the Incorruptible Federation.


The sharpest tool in the shed

Defeat the Emery Sentinels.


final ascension

Defeat Benedicta of the Endless Orison Brotherhood.


The sea dies on the shore

Defeat Odon of the Salt Brotherhood.


Forged in fire

Defeat Sinodur of a Thousand Hymns.


Femosa Fimbula

Defeat Svethona and Femosa Fembula.


The wait is over

Defeat Eviterno, Father of the Penitent.


heart of gold

Defeat Miracle’s last child – the Avatar of Devotion.


canvas of light and time

Unlock ending A.


Second Psalm.

Unlock ending B.


Acta, nonverbal

Find all prayers.


fully focus

Find all the rosary beads.


The weight of penance

Find all numbers.


second pilgrimage

Reveal the entire map.


acquired taste

Unlock all gall bottles.



Unlock all rosary slots.


still among us

Find all hidden symbols.


No little angel is left behind

Free Proximo’s brother.


empty handed

Purchase all available items in the City of Holy Names store.


hide and seek

Find all hidden Cobijadas.


works of masters

Leave each memory to a craftsman and transform them into characters.


House of Sorrow and Hatred

Complete all combat challenges.


leap of faith

Lift the curse of the Unforgivable.


Twisted is the path to miracles

Listen to the echoes of the past.



Kill 300 enemies as Lugo Al Alba.


Veteran No. 1

Kill 300 enemies using Sarmiento + Centella.


anointed one

Kill 300 enemies using Veredicto.



Execute 50 different enemies.


No one was looking forward to the Spanish Inquisition!

Kill various types of enemies.


final ratio

Unlock all abilities.


drastic date

Reach King Kong Sentinel’s room within 30 minutes.


Immaculate asceticism

After the first fight, defeat any boss without taking damage.


blessing incense

Unlock the true power of Veredicto.


death storm

Unleash the true power of Sarmiento y Centella.


orison edge

Unleash the true power of Lugo Alba.


silent sad warrior

Unlock all weapon memories.


Welcome back

Fall into the spikes and survive.


Happy New Year!

The bell rings 12 times.


Two old men drinking soup

Kastura reunites with Tryphon.


The most exquisite craftsmanship

Unlock all slots in your favorite altarpiece.


This is blasphemy

A single attack causes over 250 points of damage.



Complete the game 100%.


Blasphemous 2 release date

On the fateful date of August 24, 2023, the long-awaited moment arrives as Blasphemous 2 takes to the digital stage, ready to conquer the gaming world. With its digital debut, the game has attracted a large number of passionate players across a wide range of gaming platforms. This highly anticipated release marks a major milestone in taking Blasphemous 2 from concept to a tangible, immersive experience.

With virtual doors open, Windows PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X and Series S owners can enter the intricate world of Blasphemous 2, with each platform serving as a portal to a unique and captivating adventure. . The convergence of these platforms creates an inclusive and diverse gaming ecosystem that fosters a vibrant community of players who delve into Blasphemous 2’s captivating narrative, challenging gameplay, and artistic wonder.

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