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Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldur’s Gate III is a role-playing video game developed and published by Larian Studios. It is the third major entry in the Baldur’s Gate series, based on the popular Dungeons & Dragons tabletop role-playing system. Initially, a partial version of the game was released in an early access format on October 6, 2020, for macOS, Windows, and the Stadia streaming service.

The Early Access phase allows players to experience the development of the game and provide feedback. The full PC version is scheduled to be released on August 3, 2023, and the PlayStation 5 version will be released on September 6, 2023. An Xbox Series X/S port is also in development. Unfortunately, the Stadia version was canceled due to Stadia shutdown.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Mintara Guide Act

In the mission “Rescuing the Druid Halsin” in “Baldur’s Gate 3”, the player encounters three goblin leaders, one of whom is Mintara. By speaking to Mintara in Broken Sanctuary, players can choose to reveal the location of the Druid Jungle, who can then assist goblins in raiding settlements. If the player continues to work with Minthara and slaughter everyone in the Druid Jungle, a unique storyline will unfold and a romance with her will be possible.

After successfully completing the mission in this specific manner, players no longer party with tiefling refugees, but instead join the festivities with goblins and mintara. During the celebration, players can make certain dialogue choices. They can express their gratitude for working alongside Minthara, encourage her to embrace change, and suggest that she should be open-minded.

As the story progresses, Mintara will express her interest in spending more time with the player characters and celebrating their victories. She will offer to join the PC’s campsite, and if the PC agrees, the conversation will begin near the center of the campsite. During this conversation, Minthara will ask the PC if they are ready, and if the PC confirms that they are, she will offer to join them while they sleep.

Notably, the game offers players the freedom to make their own choices and decisions throughout the story, and these actions will have consequences that affect the narrative and relationships with other characters in the game. The romance option with Minthara is just one of the many branching paths players can explore in Baldur’s Gate 3.


Baldur’s Gate 3 Mintara Tips

  1. Tooltips appear below the minimap near the upper right corner and provide helpful information at certain moments, such as when you haven’t learned how to jump yet.

  2. Holding Alt makes all nearby lootable corpses visible, including certain items.

  3. Baldur’s Gate 3 doesn’t autosave very often, so remember to save often to avoid losing progress.

  4. If rolling dice in combat doesn’t feel right to you, toggle the Karma dice settings in the game options to adjust the randomness.

  5. Take short and long rests at camp to restore health and spell slots. The rest button is located near the minimap in the upper right corner.

  6. If you need to light a torch and lack darkvision, you can do so by dipping it into a flame.

  7. Even if you can’t disarm the trap, you can trigger it from a distance by shooting.

  8. Activated waypoints allow fast movement between locations and can be accessed by opening the map, except when underground or in certain areas that prevent fast movement.

  9. Some characters may have a trade button in the lower left corner, but do not offer a trade dialogue option.

  10. If you sell something to a merchant, you can try to steal it back by pickpocketing.

  11. Certain classes, such as mages and warlocks, can learn spells for a set amount of gold by right-clicking on a scroll in their inventory.

  12. Keep an eye out for jumpable gaps as you explore, as Baldur’s Gate 3 offers a lot of forward and upward jumping range, leading to hidden secrets.

  13. Using a companion with darkvision improves visibility when exploring dark areas.

  14. The minimap in the upper right corner has a marker indicating which way is north.

  15. Pressing the space bar will skip dialogue, which is useful for speeding up conversations or replaying content.

  16. The final ability score is an even number, since odd numbers provide no bonus. Raising a stat above 14 costs 2 points per point.

  17. To find specific equipment, click on an equipment slot to see a list of all available items that the character can use in each person’s inventory.

  18. Allows “save scum” if you fail an ability check, allowing you to save early and reload the game for better results.

  19. To sell multiple items to a supplier at once, select them, right-click, and select “Add to Items.” In the Trade/Barter menu, switch to “Trade” and select “Sell Items” at the bottom. You can also use this process to manage your inventory by selecting “Send to Camp.”

  20. Since the resource system is limited, play conservatively. Spellcasters often use cantrips and conserve health due to the frequent long rests and limited supplies in the camp early in the game.

  21. To interact with small fast-moving targets like squirrels or handle traps, press Shift + Spacebar to enter turn mode for easier interaction and unlimited preparation time. This can be accessed via the context menu on the controller (right trigger).

Baldur’s Gate gameplay

Baldur’s Gate III is a role-playing video game that offers single-player and cooperative multiplayer modes. Players can choose to create one or more characters and form a team with computer-generated companions to begin the game’s story. Additionally, players can team up with others online to form a co-op team using one of their characters.

Compared with previous games in the Baldur’s Gate series, Baldur’s Gate III uses turn-based combat, similar to Larian Studios’ earlier games Divinity: Original Sin and Divinity: Original Sin II. However, this time the combat system is based on the rules of the fifth edition of “Dungeons and Dragons”, adding depth and strategy to the game.

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