Baldur’s Gate 3 Hag, How to Beat The Hag in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Baldur’s Gate 3 Witch

In “Baldur’s Gate 3”, witches are powerful and vicious creatures, and players will encounter terrifying opponents. They are cunning and deceitful creatures, often dwelling in dark and hidden places where they use magical abilities and subterfuge to ensnare unsuspecting victims. The witch looks sinister, has strange facial features, and exudes a vicious aura.

They are known for their ability to cast illusions and manipulate the minds of others, making them even more dangerous opponents. As powerful bosses and NPCs, witches play an important role in various quests and storylines throughout the game. Players must be careful when dealing with these creatures, as they can be either allies or enemies, depending on the choices made during the interaction.

Fighting witches requires strategic thinking and keen observation to separate their fantasy from reality, making these encounters challenging and memorable in Baldur’s Gate 3’s rich and immersive gameplay.

How to defeat the Witch in Baldur’s Gate 3?

To defeat the Witch in Baldur’s Gate III, you’ll need good preparation and strategy. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to defeat the witch:

Optimize your party settings and get ready for the event:

  • Before facing the Witch, make sure your party is at least level 3 or 4.
  • Have a balanced team made up of different classes, such as tanks, damage dealers, healers, and support characters.
  • Prepare your spells and abilities wisely, including crowd control and area-of-effect spells.

Avoid traps and dangers:

  • When approaching the witch’s hut, beware of the traps scattered throughout the swamp.
  • Use a character with high perception to spot and disarm traps to minimize damage.

Quench your thirst:

  • Before entering the witch’s hut, find the well and drink from it. This provides a permanent health boost until your next rest.

Maintain personal space:

  • When you meet a witch, avoid letting her touch your eyes. If you allow it, you will be permanently “blinded” throughout the game, affecting perception checks and critical hits.

Promote positive interactions:

  • Pretend to be friendly and cajole the witch before starting the fight. This may provide a safer route and reduce immediate problems.

Use masks with caution:

  • In the witch’s room you’ll find Aunt Ethel’s mask. Avoid wearing them for too long as they will make you a slave to her voice. The magical talking door in the cave can only be passed through using the mask.

Interact with the Masked Servant:

  • The masked minions’ ranged attacks can be dangerous. Use AOE spells and potions to cause continuous damage even after the turn ends. Combine them with the Mist Cloud spell for maximum effect.

Master the Obstacle Course:

  • Behind the masked servant, there’s a deadly obstacle course. Use the Jump ability or Perception checks to find the source of the smoke and stop it, or have the party jump back and forth in the trees to avoid danger.

Gather allies:

  • Use Summons to increase the number of allies on your side, which can help distract the Witch’s clones and quickly find the real Witch.

Smooth and Burning Beer:

  • Use the grease spell to trip the witch and reduce damage taken. Subsequent use of Alchemist’s Fire doubles the effect. Repeat as needed.


Baldur’s Gate 3

“Baldur’s Gate III” is an epic role-playing video game developed by Larian Studios, set in the famous Forgotten Realms universe of “Dungeons and Dragons”. This highly anticipated title tells a captivating story of friendship and betrayal as players must face a mind flayer parasite that gives them mystical abilities.

As they navigate a world of sacrifice and survival, players must choose between resisting their inner dark impulses or embracing corruption and becoming the ultimate evil. Players will join a cast of diverse characters on a journey filled with strategic combat, intricate storytelling, and far-reaching decisions to shape the fate of the Forgotten Realms.

In this next-generation role-playing game, players explore a vast and immersive world, uncover secrets and engage in morally challenging missions. With stunning visuals, in-depth character customization, and a dynamic narrative, Baldur’s Gate III delivers a compelling experience that immerses players in a fantasy adventure where the choices they make have profound consequences.

Whether they choose the path of heroism or the temptation of darkness, players must assemble their team and prepare themselves to face the serious challenges that await in the world of Baldur’s Gate III.

“Baldur’s Gate 3” gameplay

Baldur’s Gate III offers a rich and immersive gaming experience that combines single-player and cooperative multiplayer elements. Players can create and control one or more characters to form a team and embark on a thrilling adventure set in Dungeons & Dragons. Unlike its predecessor, “Baldur’s Gate III” uses turn-based combat.

Similar to Larian Studios’ earlier games Divinity: Original Sin and Divinity: Original Sin II, its mechanics are based on the Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition rules. Players can choose to team up with others online, control their own character or join other players’ teams for cooperative play. The game’s deep storytelling and choice-driven narrative allow players to shape their own destiny.

as they complete morally challenging missions and confront the rising dark forces of Faerûn. Baldur’s Gate III’s engaging gameplay, strategic combat, and character customization provide players with a captivating role-playing experience where their decisions will have a profound impact on the game world and the fate of their characters.

“Baldur’s Gate 3” character creation

Baldur’s Gate 3 offers an extensive and immersive character creation system, allowing players to create unique and personalized characters for their journey. Here are some of the key features of character creation in Baldur’s Gate 3:

Personalized look:

  • Players can freely choose the gender, race, and appearance of their characters. The game offers a wide range of options for facial features, physical appearance, hairstyles, colors, and even special features like horns and tails for certain races like dragonborn and tieflings.

Discover identity and background:

  • Creating a character in Baldur’s Gate 3 involves more than just appearance. Players define their character’s identity by choosing a background, which affects the character’s history and affects gameplay and interactions.


  • If players don’t want to go through specific customization options, they can choose a pre-made character called “Origin.” Each Origin character has a unique background and profession, resulting in unique experiences and interactions in the game.

Select race:

  • The game offers a variety of races, such as humans, elves, githyanki, dwarves, half-elves, halflings, gnomes, dragonborn, and more. Each race has its own racial abilities and characteristics that affect gameplay.

Select a class:

  • Players can choose from a range of professions, including warrior, rogue, priest, mage, warlock, ranger and more. Each class has its own unique abilities, proficiencies, and playstyle.

Multiple categories:

Reveal subspecies and subclasses:

  • Certain races have subraces that offer additional customization options, while certain classes have subclasses that offer unique playstyles and abilities.

Character respect:

Contains options:

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