Baldur’s Gate 3: Goblin Camp Location, Walkthrough, Guide, and More

Baldur’s Gate 3: Goblin Camp Location

Situated to the far west of the Druid Grove, the Goblin Camp stands as a notable location in Baldur’s Gate 3. To reach this camp, adventurers must traverse through the Blighted Village, a path that leads them closer to their destination. Along this journey, a handful of goblins may be spotted skulking on the outskirts of the camp. Fortunately, these initial encounters tend to pose little challenge and can be dealt with quite effortlessly.

Upon finally arriving at the Goblin Camp, a surprising turn of events unfolds. Unlike the treacherous environment one might expect, the camp proves to be devoid of hostile adversaries. This unexpected reprieve allows wanderers to freely explore the campgrounds without the constant threat of combat looming over them. It’s a unique opportunity to delve into the surroundings, uncover hidden details, and glean insights into the goblin way of life.

For those concerned about future expeditions, a valuable resource awaits within the camp: a fast travel point nestled within the courtyard. This strategic marker ensures that returning to the camp at a later time becomes a seamless endeavor, streamlining the journey back for further exploration or potential quests. In essence, the Goblin Camp serves as an intriguing juncture in the realm of Baldur’s Gate 3.

Its location far to the west, accessible through the Blighted Village, presents a journey filled with minor goblin confrontations. Yet, the camp itself contradicts expectations by offering a peaceful haven for wanderers to navigate. With the added convenience of a central fast travel point, adventurers are equipped to depart and return at their leisure, each time unearthing new mysteries and revelations within this captivating setting.

Baldur’s Gate 3: Goblin Camp Walkthrough

Quest: Starting Defeat the Goblins

To initiate this quest, engage in a conversation with Zevlor after your interaction with Kagha concerning the tieflings. When given the chance, express your willingness to assist Zevlor and his people in their journey to Baldur’s Gate.

Zevlor acknowledges the danger but proposes that eliminating the three goblin leaders could secure their passage. This quest can also be triggered by eliminating the druids in the grove. Zevlor acknowledges your intervention but upholds that remaining in the grove is unsafe. The goblin camp lies to the far southwest.

Getting to the Goblin Camp

Embark westward from the Druids’ Grove, crossing a stone bridge until you reach a small village. Your entry into the village can be peaceful or confrontational. The actual goblin camp is situated farther west. Alternatively, take a southern path around the village to locate a bridge leading southwest.

If you’ve previously freed the goblin Sazza from the makeshift prison in Druids’ Grove, her quest marker guides you to the camp, ensuring safe passage. Otherwise, engage the goblins guarding the camp to gain access.

From this auxiliary camp, proceed northwest via another bridge to enter the main goblin camp. Volo might be performing in the courtyard, initiating a quest to rescue him from captivity. Continue further north through double doors into the Shattered Sanctum. If Sazza is with you, she’ll guide you to meet Minthara, one of the three leaders. You can alternatively encounter and confront the Goblin Priestess Gut.

Goblin Priestess Gut

Located in the first expansive chamber of the Shattered Sanctum, Goblin Priestess Gut sits near her central throne. Engage her in conversation, requesting her assistance in curing your parasite. Recognizing you as a ‘true soul,’ she invites you to her chamber. Your companions must remain outside for the moment. Imbibe the solution provided by Gut, which renders you unconscious.

Upon awakening, you find yourself chained in a cell as Gut mocks your inability to be saved. While an opportunity to break free exists, doing so initiates a battle against Gut and her Ogre. Alternatively, conserve your strength.

When Gut checks on you the following morning, a mysterious assassin eliminates her and the ogre. This discreet method disposes of Gut without alerting the camp. Rejoin your allies by ascending the stairs near your cell. Proceed north through the sanctum to confront the next target, Dror Ragzlin.

Dror Ragzlin

The substantial room north of Gut’s throne chamber houses goblins, a deceased Mind Flayer, and Dror Ragzlin, the hobgoblin leader. Dror Ragzlin employs “Speak with Dead” to interrogate the Mind Flayer’s demise, providing a chance for you to intervene and avoid incriminating revelations. A successful intervention keeps Dror Ragzlin neutral, enabling you to explore the room unhindered.

The ensuing fight poses challenges, as all occupants join the fray when combat begins. Preparing beforehand eases the encounter. Maneuver explosive barrels to strategic locations to maximize their impact.

Ascend ladders for better vantage points, enhancing your accuracy and minimizing vulnerability. Engaging in combat on these platforms is crucial given your numerical and potential level disadvantage. Enter turn-based mode to synchronize attacks and explosions.

Consider positioning your strongest character near a ladder to shove enemies off as they ascend. Utilize ranged attacks to dispatch foes from a distance. Although Dror Ragzlin is formidable, eliminating weaker adversaries reduces the overall threat. Employ area-of-effect abilities and items. Reviving fallen allies at 1 health can divert enemy focus and exploit the height advantage.

Upon victory, obtain Dror Ragzlin’s key to unlock the door behind his throne, revealing a substantial treasure pile. Among the contents are gold, Infernal Iron, gems, and unique items: Gloves of the Growling Underdog, Springstep Boots, and Amulet of Selune’s Chosen. Rest may be necessary after this battle. The final leader, Minthara, presents the last challenge.


Minthara, the ultimate goblin leader, resides east of Dror Ragzlin’s chamber. Most goblins in the Shattered Sanctum have likely turned hostile. Minthara commands fewer guards compared to Ragzlin. Approach from Dror Ragzlin’s room using the beams. Initiate combat when prepared. Consider shoving Minthara into a nearby pit for a swift victory, although it may forfeit some loot.

With Minthara defeated, goblin leadership crumbles, ending the threat to the tieflings. Return to the Druids’ Grove (or free Halsin if not done yet) for your rewards. Opt for fast travel to depart the area, as exiting through the front door triggers combat against all courtyard goblins (and the ogre).

Speak with Zevlor to receive a goods pack, a token of appreciation from him and the tieflings. This also concludes the Save the Refugees quest, potentially leading to additional rewards if the tieflings celebrate at your camp.


Baldurs Gate 3

Baldur’s Gate III is an epic role-playing video game developed and published by Larian Studios. As the third installment in the acclaimed Baldur’s Gate series, the game draws its inspiration from the iconic Dungeons & Dragons tabletop role-playing system, providing players with a rich and immersive fantasy experience.The game was initially released in early access format on October 6, 2020, for macOS, Windows, and the Stadia streaming service.

During this early access period, players were given a partial version of the game, allowing them to explore the world of Baldur’s Gate III and provide valuable feedback to the developers for further improvements. After several months of fine-tuning and adding new content, the game finally reached its full release on PC on August 3, 2023. Shortly after, on September 6, 2023, Baldur’s Gate III was also released on the PlayStation 5, broadening its availability to a wider audience of console gamers.

Additionally, the developers are currently working on a port for the Xbox Series X/S to extend the game’s reach even further. It’s worth noting that the game’s release on the Stadia platform faced challenges due to the closure of Stadia. Consequently, the Stadia version was canceled, but players on other platforms can still enjoy the full experience of Baldur’s Gate III.

In Baldur’s Gate III, players delve into a captivating world filled with intricate characters, deep storytelling, and challenging quests. The game boasts stunning graphics, engaging gameplay mechanics, and a vast array of choices that significantly impact the storyline, making each playthrough unique. As players venture through the Forgotten Realms, they encounter a myriad of creatures, make alliances, forge friendships, and engage in thrilling combat encounters.

Baldur’s Gate III remains true to its roots, capturing the essence of the beloved Dungeons & Dragons universe while introducing modern gaming elements and innovative mechanics. Whether you are a long-time fan of the series or new to the world of Baldur’s Gate, this wiki serves as an essential resource to unravel the mysteries, discover hidden secrets, and make informed decisions throughout your extraordinary journey in Baldur’s Gate III. Immerse yourself in a world of magic, adventure, and peril as you shape the destiny of your character and the realms around you.

Baldurs Gate III Gameplay

This role-playing video game is packed with excitement, and you have the power to shape your destiny in both single-player and cooperative multiplayer modes. Get ready to unleash your imagination as you create your own character or multiple characters to embark on this epic adventure. You’re not alone in this quest; you can team up with computer-generated characters to form a party of mighty heroes, ready to face the challenges that lie ahead.

But wait, the excitement doesn’t stop there! If you’re feeling social and want to share the fun with friends, you can hop online and team up with other players to create a formidable party that’ll conquer any obstacle in its path. Gather your comrades, strategize together, and set out to conquer the lands of Baldur’s Gate. And here’s the twist that’ll keep you on your toes: get ready for some turn-based combat!

Yup, that’s right! Unlike its predecessors, Baldur’s Gate III takes a page from Larian’s earlier games, Divinity: Original Sin and Divinity: Original Sin II. Get ready to strategize and plan your every move, just like a true D&D 5th Edition master. Prepare to wield mighty spells, clash swords with fearsome foes, and unravel the mysteries that await you. The game is brimming with fantastic creatures, intriguing characters, and an immersive storyline that’ll keep you hooked for hours on end.

So, grab your spellbook, draw your sword, and dive into the fantastical realm of Baldur’s Gate III. The adventure of a lifetime awaits you, and it’s up to you to become the hero or heroine that the realms desperately need! Unleash your creativity, conquer challenges, and forge bonds that’ll last a lifetime in this spellbinding RPG experience. Get ready to embark on a journey like no other!

Baldurs Gate III Plot

Get ready to dive headfirst into an epic tale of darkness, danger, and daring adventures in Baldur’s Gate III! Picture this: the year is 1492 DR, and it’s been over 120 years since the jaw-dropping events of Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn. But guess what? The forces of darkness are back with a vengeance, and they mean business! In the midst of all the chaos, you find yourself in quite a pickle.

You, the player character, have been snatched up by those creepy mind flayers, those slimy brain-sucking creatures that give you the heebie-jeebies! These nasty critters have launched a full-on invasion of Faerûn, and guess who’s caught up in the middle of it all? Yup, you! But hold on, it gets wilder! Here’s the juicy part: the mind flayers have done some serious tinkering to you and other unfortunate souls.

They’ve implanted illithid tadpoles inside your noggin, wicked parasites capable of turning you into one of them! Yikes! Now, you gotta find a way to keep your sanity intact and avoid becoming a slimy minion of the mind flayers. But just when you thought things couldn’t get crazier, bam! The nautiloid flying ship you’re on gets caught in a showdown with githyanki warriors and their fiery red dragons!

Talk about a fiery situation! The ship goes all Star Trek on you and goes hopping through multiple realms, including the first of the Nine Hells, Avernus. Buckle up, folks, it’s gonna be a wild ride! But wait, there’s a silver lining in this chaotic storm! During all the commotion, you manage to break free and steer the damaged ship back to Faerûn, crashing it like a boss!

But guess what? You’re not alone in this mess! You’re not the only one who survived the wreckage. Oh no, you’ve got some company, and it’s quite the motley crew! Meet your fellow survivors: the wizard prodigy Gale, the devoted half-elf cleric Shadowheart, the suave high elf vampire rogue Astarion, the legendary monster hunter and human warlock Wyll, and the fierce and feisty githyanki fighter Lae’zel.

These guys and gals are in the same boat (or should we say, crashed ship) as you, and now you all gotta figure out how to get rid of those pesky tadpoles before things get even crazier! So buckle up, grab your gear, and get ready to face off against mind flayers, dragons, and other fantastical creatures in Baldur’s Gate III! Your destiny awaits you, and it’s gonna be one heck of a rollercoaster ride! Get ready to unleash your inner hero (or anti-hero), because in this thrilling RPG, your choices will shape the fate of Faerûn! Let the adventure begin!

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