Baldurs Gate 3 Crafting: How to Craft Potions in Baldur’s Gate 3?

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In Baldur’s Gate 3, potions are valuable and powerful one-time items that have an immediate effect on your character when taken. Unlike other games where potions take some time to take effect, the effects in Baldur’s Gate 3 are instant. When you use a potion, your character receives the benefit immediately.

Using a potion in combat requires an extra action, meaning you can still perform regular actions such as attacking, casting spells, or moving, but you’ll need to perform an extra action specifically to consume the potion. This adds a strategic element to combat, as you’ll need to decide when it’s best to use a potion to reap its benefits, while balancing it with your other actions during combat.

Potions in Baldur’s Gate 3 come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, each indicating its own unique effect. Some common effects of potions include:

Healing: Healing potions are vital to staying alive in combat. They restore lost health, providing a much-needed health boost in combat.

Ability Boosts: Some potions can temporarily increase your ability score, such as Strength, Dexterity, or Intelligence. These boosts can make your character more powerful in certain situations.

Special Abilities: Potions can give your character special abilities that he or she doesn’t have naturally. For example, potions allow you to communicate with animals even if you don’t have druid or ranger class features.

Each potion has its own unique appearance and icon, giving it a unique visual presence in your inventory. It’s crucial to manage your potion inventory wisely and carry a variety of potions to deal with different situations you may encounter during your adventure.

Finding or buying potions is an important part of exploration and preparation in Baldur’s Gate 3. As you progress through the game, you’ll discover potions as loot, buy them from merchants, or earn them as rewards for completing quests.

Knowing when to use potions strategically can be a game changer in challenging battles and encounters. Understanding different potion effects and planning ahead for potential confrontations will give you an advantage when overcoming obstacles and enemies in the world of Baldur’s Gate 3. So, keep an eye on potions and make sure you use them wisely to maximize their benefits and benefits. Make sure your character survives in the dangerous game world.

How to make potions in Baldur’s Gate 3?

To make potions in Baldur’s Gate 3, you need to follow the detailed process outlined below:

Open Inventory: To access your character’s inventory, press the “i” key while playing the game. This will open a window showing your character’s gear, items, and other items.

Access the Alchemy Tab: In your inventory, you’ll find a series of tabs at the top of the screen. Look for the Alchemy tab, usually represented by an icon such as a mortar, pestle, or flask. Click this tab to access the Alchemy interface.

Select Available Recipes: In the Alchemy tab you’ll see a list of recipes for all potions, elixirs, and mixtures you’ve learned or acquired during your adventure. Recipes will display their respective names and icons. Click on the potion you want to make to see its details.

Choose “Brew” or “Extract”: Depending on the type of item you want to craft, you will have two options: “Brew” for mixtures and “Extract” for reagents. Mixtures are finished potions that can be used immediately, while reagents are refined ingredients used to craft more complex items. Choose the appropriate option based on the results you want.

Gather ingredients: After selecting a recipe to craft, you will see a list of required ingredients on the alchemy interface. Before continuing with the crafting process, make sure you have all the necessary components. Ingredients can be found throughout the game world by exploring, looting containers, or defeating enemies.

Make a Potion: Once you have gathered all the required ingredients, click the “Craft” button for the potion or reagent you want to make. The crafting process will combine various ingredients to produce the desired item. Preparation time may vary depending on the complexity of the potion or reagent.

Inventory Update: Once the crafting process is complete, the newly created potion or reagent will be automatically added to the character’s inventory. If you craft reagents, they will be placed in your alchemy bag, which serves as a separate container for these items.

By crafting your own potions and reagents, you can ensure you always have plenty of health-restoring items and other beneficial effects during your adventures. This is especially useful during the challenging battles and encounters in Baldur’s Gate 3. As you progress through the game and gain experience, you’ll learn new skills and gain access to more advanced recipes, expanding the variety of potions and elixirs you can create. Keep an eye out for new recipes and ingredients to continually enhance your alchemical abilities and efficiency in the game.


Potions in Baldur’s Gate 3

Finished goods


Silvanus Elixir

The poison that cures Nettie

Good Berry Potion

Restores 1d4 points of health

healing potion

Restore 2d4+2 HP

Powerful Healing Potion

Restore 4d4+4 HP

Advanced healing potion

Restore 8d4+8 HP

Fire Resistance Potion

Gain resistance to fire damage until your next long rest.

Resistance Potion

Gain resistance to Force damage until your next long rest.

anti-cold potion

Gain resistance to cold damage until your next long rest.

anti-thunder potion

Gain resistance to lightning damage until your next long rest.

anti-venom potion

Gain resistance to poison damage until your next long rest.

Psychic Resistance Potion

Gain resistance to mental damage until your next long rest.

speed potion

Gain Haste for 3 turns

sharp oil

coat of arms

Basic Poison(1)

coat of arms

Basic Poison(2)

coat of arms

Basic Poison(3)


poison potion


Wyvern Poison

Deals 7d6 poison damage, or half damage if the target succeeds on a DC15 Constitution saving throw.

sleep potion

Unconscious for 3 rounds. The state ends when you receive damage or take help actions.

Animal Language Potion

Gain the ability to understand and communicate verbally with the beast until your next long rest.


Cures poisoned creatures

Fire Breath Potion

Drinking this potion grants you the ability to breathe fire, causing 4d6 points of fire damage to targets within 30 feet.

basilisk oil

The oil is extracted from the basilisk’s esophagus and has the ability to restore petrified creatures to their original state.

Hill Giant Strength Potion

Your Strength score becomes 21 for one minute

Invisibility Potion

Invisible for 1 minute. Attack or cast a spell to end this state.

Vitality Potion

Removes exhaustion status and cures any poison or disease

broken promise

Strength increases by 2 until the next long rest. When resting, strength is infinitely reduced by 1

Will wavered

Disadvantage on Wisdom saving throws until resting

heart of stone

Resist poison damage before resting

crazy kiss

Hostile to all other creatures for the duration of this condition

lost time

Armor class reduced by 2.unable to react

lover’s greed

Wisdom decreases infinitely by 1

missing pet

Phantom spiders scurry across a creature’s body, adversely affecting ability checks and attack rolls.

mother’s disgust

Gain bite until next long rest


Bleeding from the inside.Take 1d6 piercing damage at end of turn

withered dreams

The creature is watched from the shadows, taking 1d6 psychic damage while resting

Flying Potion

After drinking, you will gain a flying speed of 60 feet for one hour.

antacid potion

Gain resistance to acid damage until your next long break

Baldur’s Gate 3

Developed and published by Larian Studios, Baldur’s Gate III is a highly anticipated role-playing video game and the third installment in the acclaimed Baldur’s Gate series, inspired by the iconic Dragons and Dungeons” tabletop role-playing system. On October 6, 2020, an Early Access version of the game launched on macOS, Windows, and the Stadia streaming service, giving players a glimpse into its immersive world and gameplay mechanics. During Early Access, players have the opportunity to try out certain features, and Larian Studios welcomes feedback to improve the game before its full release.

The developers aim to keep Baldur’s Gate III in Early Access until its official release on PC, which is scheduled for August 3, 2023. This approach allows the studio to gather valuable insights from players, resolve any bugs or issues, and make necessary improvements based on community input, ensuring the final version is polished. Excitingly, the game is also scheduled to release on PlayStation 5 on September 6, 2023, and an Xbox Series X/S port is in development to extend its availability to a wider audience.

However, not all platforms will be able to witness the full release of the game. The Stadia version of Baldur’s Gate III has unfortunately been canceled following the shutdown of the Stadia streaming service, disappointing fans hoping to play the game on the platform.

Despite the setback, expectations for Baldur’s Gate III remain high as it aims to uphold the legacy of its beloved predecessor and embrace the immersive world of Dungeons & Dragons. Fans are eagerly awaiting the full release, anticipating an engaging and memorable gaming experience that will uphold the series’ lofty reputation.

“Baldur’s Gate 3” gameplay

Developed and published by Larian Studios, Baldur’s Gate III is an immersive and highly anticipated role-playing video game that offers players a rich and engaging experience. The game offers both single-player and cooperative multiplayer elements, allowing players to embark on a thrilling adventure alone or team up with friends for a more engaging journey.

In the game, players have the opportunity to create one or more unique characters, customizing their appearance, abilities, and attributes. These characters will serve as protagonists throughout the story, shaping the narrative and the choices they make during their missions. Additionally, players can assemble a team by recruiting computer-generated characters to join them on their journey, further enhancing the immersive and dynamic gameplay.

In addition, Baldur’s Gate III offers exciting online multiplayer features, allowing players to join forces with other players from around the world. Through online teaming, players can create a team composed of their own customized characters and other players to form a cooperative alliance and face challenges together.

Different from the previous games in the “Baldur’s Gate” series, “Baldur’s Gate III” adopts a turn-based combat system. This fighting style was popularized in Larian’s previous successful games Divinity: Original Sin and Divinity: Original Sin II. In the latest game, however, the combat mechanics are cleverly integrated with the rules of Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, adding new depth and strategy to combat.

The inclusion of the D&D 5th Edition rules ensures players experience a familiar and authentic experience with the iconic tabletop role-playing system. By adopting this ruleset, Baldur’s Gate III provides a seamless transition for both long-time fans of the series and newcomers to the world of Dungeons & Dragons.

As players immerse themselves in the vast and complex world of Baldur’s Gate III, they will encounter a rich narrative, make impactful choices, and face a series of challenges that test their wits and abilities.The game’s attention to detail, engaging storyline, and interactive gameplay make it a highly sought-after title for RPG enthusiasts and fans of the legendary Baldur’s Gate series

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