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Atlas Fallen PS5 Game Guide

Developed by Deck 13 Interactive and published by Focus Entertainment, Atlas Fallen provides players with a unique action role-playing game experience. The game focuses on dynamic combat and open-world traversal, immersing players in a unique and captivating adventure.

Game Highlights:

  • Smooth Combat: Engage in exciting combat that emphasizes speed and fluidity. As you engage enemies, your character’s movements adapt and evolve, creating a seamless combat experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

  • Open World Exploration: Traverse vast open world areas, including the ability to slide on sand, adding a unique element to the game’s exploration mechanics. Discover hidden secrets, complete missions, and interact with carefully designed environments.

  • Boost Mechanic: As you defeat enemies, your character’s power increases. The boost mechanic increases your damage output, but also makes you more vulnerable, thus increasing risk. Balance power and risk to win.

  • Essence System: Collect essences to enhance your abilities, weapons, and armor. Essences are earned by defeating enemies and completing missions, allowing you to tailor your character’s strengths to your preferred playstyle.

  • Compelling storyline: Immerse yourself in a captivating storyline as you uncover the mysteries of the world and seek to recover powerful artifacts. Your choices and actions will determine the outcome of the narrative.

Game progress:

Discover the Challenge: Your character stumbles upon a powerful artifact called the Challenge, which grants you unique abilities and connects you to an unknown voice.

Defeat the Ghost: Fight off the menacing ghosts that threaten your existence. Use the power of the gauntlet to defeat them and protect yourself.

Form alliances: Connect with other survivors and allies within the caravan. Engage in conversations to learn about their past and receive support.

Unravel the Mystery: Investigate the purpose of the challenge and its connection to your mysterious past. Uncover hidden truths and make choices that will affect the course of the story.

Ascension and Essence: Take advantage of the Ascension mechanic by defeating enemies and gaining Essence. Enhance your character’s abilities, weapons, and armor to become a formidable force.

Fight for freedom: against the oppressive forces trying to control the caravans. Gather your allies and prepare for challenging battles against powerful enemies.

EXPLORE THE OPEN WORLD: Travel through open world areas, slide across the sand, and discover hidden treasures. Participate in side quests, collect resources, and uncover the lore of the world.

Confronting Captain Moraes: Your journey will lead you against the caravan leader, Captain Moraes. Reclaim the gauntlet from him and discover the truth behind its power.

atlas the fallen

Atlas Fallen is an engaging action role-playing video game produced by Deck13 Interactive and brought to players by Focus Entertainment as the publisher. The game will be available on multiple platforms upon release, including Windows, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S, with a release date set for August 2023.

Atlas Fallen Developed by Deck13 Interactive, a studio known for creating captivating gaming experiences, Atlas Fallen is a testament to the developer’s commitment to delivering innovative and engaging gameplay. Deck13’s reputation is rooted in carefully crafted games that offer unique mechanics, immersive worlds, and engaging narratives that resonate with players.

The game has been partnered with Focus Entertainment, the publisher of Atlas Fallen, to target a wide range of platforms, ensuring players on Windows PC as well as PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S can participate. adventure. Focus Entertainment’s role in game distribution and promotion further underscores their commitment to bringing premium gaming experiences to audiences around the world.

The highly anticipated release of Atlas Fallen in August 2023 marks a major milestone for both the development team at Deck13 Interactive and the publishing efforts of Focus Entertainment. Choosing to release the game on Windows, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S demonstrates the developer and publisher’s commitment to making the game accessible to a wide range of gamers, regardless of their preferred gaming system.

The fusion of Deck13 Interactive’s creative capabilities and Focus Entertainment’s publishing expertise ultimately led to the realization of Atlas Fallen. The meticulous effort that went into the development, design, and overall presentation of the game reflects the dedication of the entire team. As players embark on an adventure in the game’s vast world, they are treated to a rich and immersive experience that showcases the culmination of the developer’s vision and efforts.

All in all, Atlas Fallen is an exceptional collaboration between Deck13 Interactive and Focus Entertainment. It is an action role-playing video game for Windows, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series Provide gaming experience to players around the world.


Atlas fallen gameplay

Atlas Fallen is an immersive third-person action role-playing video game that offers players a highly customizable experience from the start. Upon starting a game, players have the opportunity to create and personalize their own unique player avatar, allowing for a level of engagement and immersion that matches their preferences.

Central to the gameplay is the use of the ancient Gauntlet, a powerful artifact that grants players the ability to manipulate sand. With the gauntlet, players can shape the surrounding sand into powerful weapons. When wielding the gauntlet, players can choose from three different weapons, although they are limited to carrying two of them at a time.

Unlike Deck13’s previous games, Atlas Fallen takes a more traditional action-oriented approach. Combat mechanics require a strategic combination of dodging, countering, and blocking incoming attacks. Players must quickly switch between land and air combat, demonstrating the dynamic nature of the game.

A unique game mechanic involves players building momentum as they engage in combat. When a player attacks, their momentum meter fills up. After reaching certain thresholds, the player’s current weapon transforms, gaining special skills and abilities that can inflict devastating damage to opponents.

In terms of exploration, Atlas Fallen features a diverse set of open areas for players to traverse. These areas are filled with opportunities to meet non-player characters, participate in various side quests, and participate in different activities to enhance the overall experience.

Movement is a key element in the exploration and traversal aspects of the game. The challenge allows players to glide across vast desert landscapes with ease. Additionally, the gloves can facilitate feats such as mid-air sprinting, which adds a layer of fluidity and excitement to gameplay. A noteworthy feature of the challenge is its ability to unearth buried objects, allowing players to discover hidden areas and unlock new paths.

As players progress through the game, they will encounter “Fragments” and “Catalyst Fragments” that enhance the glove’s combat capabilities. This progression system helps players develop combat skills and keeps the game engaging and rewarding.

Additionally, Atlas Fallen offers a cooperative multiplayer mode for two players. This feature allows friends to team up and embark on an adventure together, enhancing friendship and a sense of shared accomplishment.

All in all, Atlas Fallen offers a complex and multifaceted gameplay experience, filled with customizable avatars, sand manipulation, dynamic combat, complex exploration mechanics, and opportunities for multiplayer cooperative endeavors. The game seamlessly blends traditional action role-playing elements with innovative game mechanics to provide players with an engaging and engaging adventure experience.

Atlas the Fallen Overview




atlas the fallen




Focus Entertainment


Jan Klose


Jeremy Hartwick




Microsoft Windows, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5


August 10, 2023


Action RPG


Single player, multiplayer

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