Atlas Fallen How to do Sealing Totems Challenges? Advantages of Completing Sealing Totem Challenges

How to do the Atlas Fallen Seal Totem challenge?

Step 1: Find the Sealing Totem Begin your journey by exploring the world of Atlas Fallen. Look out for the Seal Totem, which features small earth eruptions on the ground surrounded by a unique blue shimmering energy, similar to the power of the Gauntlet.

In some cases, you may encounter a sealing totem that has emerged from the ground, usually with a nearby note. These annotations may hint at the totem’s origin or purpose, such as an unexpected discovery by a researcher.

Step 2: Activate Totem To initiate a Seal Totem challenge, interact with the totem. When activated, the totem emits a vibrant green light, forming a straight line pointing to another nearby location where another totem can rise.

Step 3: Follow the Guiding Light As the green light extends, note which direction it is pointing. This light serves as a guide to your next totem. Quickly head to the indicated location, following the illuminated path to ensure you stay on the right course.

Step 4: Raise additional totems. After reaching the location indicated by the green light, interact with the ground to raise another seal totem. The new totem will emit its own green light, creating a path to the other totem’s location.

Step 5: Timing and Red Lights Stay alert as you complete the challenge. The green light acts as a timer – the challenge must be completed within this time frame. If the light turns red, the time has expired. In this case, you may choose to retry a series of totem activations by returning to the initial totem and activating it again.

Step 6: Complete the Challenge Repeat the process of activating totems, following the guiding light, and raising more totems until you successfully complete the challenge. Many Seal Totem challenges will test your skills through obstacle courses, requiring you to use advanced techniques like double jumping and air dashing to navigate and overcome obstacles.

Advantages of completing the Seal Totem Challenge

Story Progression: Successfully completing the Seal Totem Challenge is vital to advancing the game’s main storyline. Some challenge shards, especially those related to upgrade abilities like air dash, are the gates behind these challenges. As you progress further in the game, similar challenges may block your progress and need to be completed to continue.

Treasure Rewards: Your efforts in conquering the Seal Totem challenge will be rewarded with valuable treasures. The final activated totem will lead you to a specific spot in the environment where you can lift boxes from the sand. These chests contain a variety of loot, including cosmetic dyes and Essence Stones, enhancing your character’s customization and abilities.

By mastering the art of the Sealed Totem Challenge, you’ll not only advance the game’s narrative, but also benefit from hidden treasures that can help you complete your journey through Atlas Has Fallen. For further help, whether dealing with Wrath of the Watchers or looking for quest guidance, be sure to explore our comprehensive guide hub dedicated to Atlas Fallen.


Atlas the Fallen Wiki

Atlas Fallen is an action role-playing video game developed by Deck13 Interactive and published by Focus Entertainment. It debuts in August 2023 on Windows, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S platforms. In this immersive gaming experience, players dive into a dynamic world where they take on the role of characters in an action-packed adventure.

Atlas Fallen perfectly blends role-playing elements with intense action to deliver an engrossing gaming journey. Developed by the highly skilled team at Deck13 Interactive and brought to life through the efforts of Focus Entertainment, the game presents an engaging narrative set in a visually stunning interactive universe.

As players complete various challenges and missions, they will unlock the mysteries and complexities of the game universe, making Atlas Fallen a must-play for action RPG fans.

Atlas fallen gameplay

Atlas Fallen is an engaging third-person action role-playing video game that immerses players in a richly detailed world. From the beginning of the game, players have the opportunity to create and personalize their own unique player avatar, laying the foundation for a deeply personalized adventure.

Central to the gameplay experience is the protagonist’s possession of an ancient gauntlet, an extraordinary tool that grants the ability to manipulate sand. This gauntlet is a multi-purpose tool that allows players to shape sand into a range of powerful weapons. Although players have access to three different weapons, they are limited to carrying two at any given moment to encourage strategic decision-making.

Unlike Deck13’s previous titles, Atlas Fallen takes a more traditional action-oriented approach. Skilled dodging, counterattacking, and blocking become essential techniques for survival, complemented by smooth transitions between ground and aerial combat scenarios.

As players engage enemies, they build momentum, a valuable resource that can trigger critical shifts in the weapons used. These transformations unleash powerful special abilities that deal devastating damage to enemies. The game world beckons exploration across multiple vast areas.

These environments are populated by non-playable characters who offer diverse side quests and engaging activities that enhance the depth of the immersive universe. Superb locomotion mechanics drive exploration, with the gloves enabling stunning gliding across desert landscapes and granting agile maneuvering abilities like mid-air sprints. By utilizing challenging abilities, players can uncover buried secrets, unearth hidden realms, and forge new paths.

Progression of the game introduces collectible “Fragments” and “Catalyst Fragments”, key enhancements that further enhance the gauntlet’s combat capabilities. These acquisitions give players an ever-evolving set of abilities, ensuring an ever-evolving and empowering combat experience.

To enhance the gaming experience, Atlas Fallen offers a cooperative multiplayer mode for two players. This feature adds a social dimension, allowing friends to join forces and tackle challenges together, enhancing camaraderie and fun.

All in all, Atlas Fallen is a fascinating blend of complex customization, dynamic combat, and extensive exploration. Its signature features, including mysterious challenge mechanics, multi-level landscapes and cooperative gameplay, come together to create an engaging and unforgettable gaming adventure.

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