Armored Core 6 Prisoner Rescue Battle Log, Where to Find Prisoner Rescue Battle Log?

Armored Core 6 Prisoner Rescue Battle Log

The AC6 Prisoner Rescue Mission takes center stage as the ninth key step in New Game++, marking your third consecutive playthrough. This particular adventure plays a key role in uncovering the true ending of AC6, making the completion of New Game++ an important feat. As you may be aware, the ability to monitor battle log progress can be accessed through the mission selection (located in the Garage under Sort > Replay Missions).

Each mission embedded in the combat log will be decorated with a recognizable log icon. Conversely, missions with missing icons indicate a missing battle log. If the description says “Pending”, that means you have successfully discovered some, but not all, of the combat logs in this quest. When it says “Complete” you have effectively collected all combat logs in that mission. However, the presence of this icon does not reveal the total number of combat logs in that particular mission.

Where can I find the prisoner rescue battle log in Armored Core 6?

Delve deeper into the intrigue of mission progression, each mission with a combat log reveals its secrets via a unique log icon. The absence of the icon hints at the lack of a combat log in the mission, sparking curiosity about what’s hidden within. The “Pending” status indicates that you have discovered some (though not all) of the hidden battle logs, leaving you on the verge of discovery.

The gratifying “Complete” announcement means you successfully obtained every battle log in the mission, giving a sense of accomplishment. However, the mystery remains, as the icon itself hides the precise count of the battle log within the mission’s narrative.

Among the mysterious challenges, Mission 9 “Prisoner Rescue” in New Game++ is like a maze of conspiracy. This mission weaves a particularly complex web for obtaining combat logs. There is a unique battle log here, but it’s hard to find. Complete the mission patiently and you will encounter an elusive enemy, a mini-boss named “DEEP DOWN/G2 Nile”, stationed at the climax of the mission.

This guide from Reddit user Skull is like a treasure trove to guide you to success: “Clear the initial landing zone and take out the approaching reinforcements via helicopter. This strategic move allows you to veer left along the cliff to the landing zone There it was, and the elusive Tetra mech was discovered.”


Armored Core VI: Rubicon Fire

Armored Core VI: Rubicon Fire is a 2023 vehicle combat game developed by FromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. The game was released on August 25, 2023, debuting on multiple platforms including Search PlayStation 4, Search PlayStation 5, Windows, Search Xbox One, and Search Xbox Series X/S.

The release marks the series’ first foray into Windows gaming. When the dust settled, Armored Core 6: Rubicon Fire received rave reviews from the gaming community and critics, pushing it to the highest ratings in the series’ history.

Armored Core 6 gameplay

Armored Core VI places a heavy emphasis on combat involving mechanized vehicles. Players assume the role of a skilled pilot, controlling a powerful mechanical suit called the Armored Core. These suits can be extensively customized using a variety of parts, allowing players to enhance their abilities. One impressive feature is the ability to select weapons and mount them to arms and the back of clothing. This design provides important tactical flexibility in various combat situations.

The familiar arena concept remains, with players competing against others in competitive matches through the Combat Ability Assessment Program showcase. Successful completion of missions rewards players with points, which are based on completed goals and may be reduced for unfulfilled goals. Unlike previous versions, the burden of the debt system has been removed.

Armored Core 6 plot

In the world of Armored Core VI, human progress spans the interstellar realm. The story unfolds around the canvas of Rubicon 3, a frontier world filled with coral, a substance that promises to provide energy and data paths. Corral’s revelations were initially cause for celebration, but later sparked chaos and precipitated the catastrophic Ibis Fire. During the disaster, the planet was engulfed in flames, leaving a toxic residue.

Later, the coral was thought to be extinct, but it reappeared fifty years later on the Rubicon III. Businesses are ambitious and desperate to exploit coral. Mercenaries are drawn together by wealth amid the chaos.

In this turmoil, the player becomes “C4-621” who is enslaved by the administrator Walter. In the life of a mercenary, C4-621 becomes an Armored Core pilot with the goal of starting over. C4-621 carries on the Raven’s legacy, igniting a new flame amid the echoes of galactic vastness, enhanced skills, and corporate greed.

Armored Core 6 Overview


from software


WW: Bandai Namco Entertainment

JP: FromSoftware


Yamamura Katsu


Ogura Kantoku


Kotani Senguang


Maeda Kozo


Kazuhiro Hamaya

Yamamura Katsu


Kota Hoshino


armored core


Playstation 4

Playstation 5


Xbox One

Xbox Series X/S


August 25, 2023


vehicle combat


Single player, multiplayer

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