Armored Core 6: How to Beat the CATAPHRACT PCA SP Craft Boss?

Armored Core 6: How to defeat the CATAPHRACT PCA SP Craft Boss?

In the immersive game world of “Armored Core 6”, players will face the powerful CATAPHRACT PCA SP Craft Boss and face exciting challenges. Unlike the usual mechs found in Chapter 3, this giant super tank is a formidable opponent with resilience and the ability to unleash massive damage while maintaining impressive agility. However, beneath its intimidating appearance lies an Achilles’ heel that can be exploited with the right strategy and skilled armored core placement.

When navigating the battlefield, players have two best build options to deal with the power of CATAPHRACT. The first option involves a medium-weight armored core with long-range shotguns, rocket launchers, and shoulder-adorned missile launchers. These powerful tools can deliver massive bursts of damage to the MT core within the tank’s armor while maintaining a safe distance. Alternatively, a more heavyweight approach can be taken, with quadruped legs, dual rocket launchers, and dual shoulder-mounted grenade launchers. The use of quadrupedal legs allows players to hover for extended periods of time, providing strategic angles to relentlessly bombard CATAPHRACT with heavy weapons.

Throughout the duel, players must rely on lateral movement and timely quick boosts to skillfully dodge CATAPHRACT’s machine gun fire and vertical missiles. When a tank fires a lot of lasers, requiring hovering and quick dodging, vigilance is crucial. The exposed MT core at the front of the tank becomes a target of opportunity, and a well-placed shot can cause a rapid shake and pave the way for significant damage output. Adaptation becomes crucial as the fight progresses, especially when CATAPHRACT transitions into a more evasive mode around 50% health. Patience becomes a virtue when dodging becomes critical, and players must remain strategically cautious to avoid the onslaught of laser attacks.

As the skirmish progresses, players face a new challenge: a powerful laser beam attack. One must pay close attention to the charged blue energy that heralds this attack in order to time the Assault Power-up to dodge its devastating effects. At this stage, maintaining a medium range proves to be advantageous to minimize the effectiveness of laser propagation.

Ultimately, the pinnacle of skill and strategy prevailed, resulting in CATAPHRACT’s defeat. The destruction of the tank removes its majestic presence from the battlefield, proving the player’s ability to dismantle one of PCA’s most powerful weapons. This victory not only strengthened the ranks of the mercenaries, but also weakened the PCA’s dominance, paving the way for increased freedom of movement.

In the realm of Armored Core 6, conquering the CATAPHRACT PCA SP ship boss is a testament to tactical savvy, strategic equipment selection, and unyielding determination. As players achieve victory, they forge a path toward liberation and empowerment across an ever-changing battlefield.

Armored Core 6

Armored Core 6: Rubicon Fire marks the triumphant return of the mecha-based vehicle combat arena, breathing new life into the long-running series with a new adrenaline rush. Developed by renowned FromSoftware and brought to life through the publishing power of Bandai Namco Entertainment, the highly anticipated game breaks a decade-long hiatus since the release of Armored Core: Judgment Day in 2013.

“Rubicon Fire” will be released on multiple platforms on the important day of August 25, 2023, including PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and the series’ important launch Windows platform. A new era of mechanized warfare. The enthusiasm of the gaming community reached its peak as players from different platforms came together to experience the thrill of piloting giant mechas and participate in spectacular battles that tested their strategic acumen and reflexes.

As the mantle bearer of mechanized combat, players are immersed in a world where cutting-edge technology and awe-inspiring mechas engage in stunningly destructive confrontations. The game’s intricate narrative transports players into an immersive universe, weaving a story filled with conflict, intrigue, and unyielding determination against the backdrop of a futuristic landscape.

Rubicon Fire received overwhelmingly positive reviews, reaching the pinnacle of critical acclaim for the series. Critical acclaim from players and critics alike has made it the most-watched game in the series, a testament to its masterful blend of engaging gameplay, compelling storytelling, and technical prowess.

Armored Core VI: Rubicon Fire not only resurrects the beloved series, but pushes it to unparalleled heights. With its successful launch and overwhelming response, it cemented its status as a watershed moment in the world of mech gaming, leaving an indelible mark on players’ hearts and setting a new benchmark for excellence in vehicular combat.


Armored Core 6 gameplay

Delving into the heart of Armored Core VI’s gameplay, the focus remains on the exciting realm of mech-based vehicle combat. The game guides players into the role of an experienced pilot, immersing them in the dynamic world of Armored Core, a powerful mechanized juggernaut ready for battle. What motivates this experience is the extensive customization potential these mechs offer, allowing players to fine-tune and enhance their abilities through a range of different parts.

The weapon selection process is a prominent aspect that makes the gameplay feel dynamic. The mech is adorned with four weapon slots – one pair for each arm, and two more located on the mech’s sturdy back. This symphony of weapons offers players a range of strategic possibilities, allowing them to perfectly adjust their equipment and orchestrate battle scenarios through a harmonious combination of tactics and firepower.

The legacy of the arena concept, a hallmark of past iterations of the series, lives on in Armored Core VI, cleverly reincarnated as the Combat Capability Assessment Program. In this fierce competition, players can pit their skills against the game’s artificial intelligence and other powerful human pilots. This arena is a proving ground for strength, inviting players to measure their courage and skill against other enthusiasts.

The economic dimension shapes the gameplay, and points become the lifeblood of success. Completing tasks is the source of currency, and the number of points earned is closely related to the depth of task achievement. A nuanced system also comes into play, as deductions may be made for unmet goals. Interestingly, the once-daunted debt regime that cast a pall over previous installments of the series has now been abandoned. Players now enjoy the freedom to perform missions repeatedly without fear of financial setbacks, fostering an environment ripe for improvement and anticipation.

In Armored Core VI’s gameplay, the art of piloting a mech blends with strategic ingenuity and customizability, creating an experience that not only draws players to the frontlines of mechanized warfare, but encourages them to fight through tactical prowess and Fearlessly innovate to reshape your destiny.

Armored Core 6 Overview




Armored Core VI: Rubicon Fire


from software


Bandai Namco Entertainment, JP: FromSoftware


Yamamura Katsu


Ogura Kantoku


Kotani Senguang


Maeda Kozo


Kazuhiro Hamaya, Masaru Yamamura


Kota Hoshino


armored core


PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

release date

August 25, 2023


vehicle combat


Single player game, multiplayer game

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