Armored Core 6 Chapter 1 Final Boss

Armored Core 6 Chapter 1 Final Boss

Armored Core VI features challenging boss fights, one of the most daunting being the encounter with Balthus at the end of the first chapter. This flying mech has a large number of Hellfire missiles and pulse shields, which increase the difficulty. This guide provides valuable strategies to help players overcome this intense battle and progress in the game.

Weapon loadout:

Proper weapon loadout is critical to success. It is recommended to use the HI-18 GU-A2 pulse gun on the right arm to effectively dismantle the pulse shield. Equip the HI-32: BU-TT/A Pulse Blade on the left arm to target the shield and deal damage at the staggered moment. For the shoulder, choose the Vcc-70VPM plasma missile launcher, known for its tracking capabilities and versatility. While a double-jointed body is suitable, standard Core will suffice.

Combat strategy:

Stay close and attack in groups:

  • Engage Balthus at close range to maximize stagger potential. When the battle begins, rush in and initiate the first stun.

Avoid missile barrages:

  • Staying near Balthus simplifies dodging missile attacks.
  • When it reaches half health, it unleashes a massive pulse wave attack.
  • Dodge this attack to avoid damage.

To handle the flamethrower blade:

  • During the second phase of the battle, Balthus deploys massive flamethrower blades to close in. Unlock target, activate attack booster, and maneuver away until the attack sequence ends.

Use vertical avoidance:

  • To effectively dodge flamethrower attacks, ascend to gain vertical distance.
  • This also provides the opportunity for aerial attacks using laser blades.

Constant loops and timing:

  • Stay close as you spin around Balthus.
  • Seize the moment it pauses to melee attack and fire your pulse rifle.
  • Proper timing of the plasma rocket can help deter Balthus and prevent him from retaliating.

The second stage of management:

  • Make sure you have enough boost to dodge the frontal rockets that emit warning beeps. Effective dodging improves your chances of survival.
  • Attacks and dodges alternate, keeping Baltius in a staggered state.

Strategies to Overcome the Challenging Chapter 1 Boss Fight in Armored Core VI

Across the treacherous landscape of Armored Core 6: Rubicon Fire, players will encounter the terrifying Balthus boss battle, requiring strategic prowess and tenacity. As the game’s first major showdown, this epic battle presents a blend of mechanical strength and complex mechanics. In this guide, we’ll take a deep dive into the tactics and strategies that will allow players to conquer the Balthaeus encounter.

Armored Core VI introduces an intense world of mech-based vehicle combat, with players taking on the role of skilled pilots controlling the powerful Armored Core. The highlight of the game is its complex customization options, allowing players to fine-tune the mech’s attributes for optimal performance.

Unique arsenal:

Armored Core VI is unique in that it has a variety of weapons for players to equip their mechs with. Customization extends to equipping weapons on both arms and the back of the mech, providing ample tactical options and becoming the backbone of exciting combat.

Addressing the Balteus Challenge:

The Barteus boss battle is a touchstone to test the player’s abilities.Facing the mecha

Set the stage:

Equipped with pulse shields and onslaughts of Hellfire missiles against opponents, this encounter exudes an intensity similar to the arcade classic 3D Bullet Hell Showdown. The second phase of the battle ups the ante further, forcing players to adapt or perish.

Effective loading strategy:

The outcome of the battle often depends on the equipment chosen. The best options include the HI-18 GU-A2 Pulse Gun for shield removal, supplemented by the HI-32: BU-TT/A Pulse Blade for removing shields during staggered opportunities. The shoulder-mounted Vcc-70VPM plasma missile launcher provides versatility and can be fired while on the move. The body of the Core, while variable, can start from a standard full build.

Battle Dance:

In the Battle of Balthus, distance and timing were of the essence. Staying close increases the potential for off-balance and helps evade missile attacks. As Balthus passed through half its health, a massive pulse wave attack changed its tactics. Adapting quickly to its shifting patterns is critical to survival.

Surviving flamethrower barrage:

The introduction of Balthus’ giant flamethrower blades introduced a new level of complexity. Disabling target lock and activating Attack Boost provides a way to effectively dodge these onslaughts.

Dominate with air superiority:

Taking to the sky takes care of the flamethrower threat. Vertical ascent creates distance, providing a vantage point for aerial attacks while minimizing the risk of encountering a deadly blade.

The constant pursuit of:

A consistent approach of circling Balthus while maintaining close range remains key. Use its pause to open windows for melee attacks and pulse rifle barrages. The timely use of plasma rockets complemented this strategy, ensuring that the momentum of Balthus’ attack was staggered and disrupted.

Decisive second stage:

Managing the second phase depends on dodging rockets and maintaining constant aggression. Countering Barteus’ attacks requires maintaining a healthy boost reserve while alternating between offensive and evasive moves to take advantage of staggered opportunities.

Embrace failure and declare victory:

Defeating Barteus is a journey that requires perseverance. It took five hours to master the combat, which reflects the trial-and-error nature of the game. Embracing experimentation and learning from every failure fosters growth and progress.

A glimpse of hope:

The conveniently placed checkpoint before the Battle of Baltheus serves as a beacon of hope for players. Lightning-fast load times on modern consoles ensure fast retries, reinforcing the spirit of exploration and adaptation.


Armored Core 6

Armored Core VI: Rubicon Fire is an exciting addition to the mech-based vehicle combat genre, made possible through the joint efforts of developer FromSoftware and publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment.

Following the release of the last version of Armored Core: Judgment Day in 2013, the critically acclaimed Armored Core series returns, and this latest entry has taken the gaming world by storm.

Armored Core VI: Rubicon Fire was officially launched on August 25, 2023, and is available on multiple gaming platforms, including PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Notably, this release holds special significance as it marks the series’ debut on the Windows platform, opening up new horizons for players and expanding the game’s accessibility.

The response to Armored Core 6: Rubicon Fire has been overwhelmingly positive. The game earned rave reviews from players and critics alike for its engaging gameplay mechanics, engaging mech combat, and immersive vehicular warfare experience.

This accolade propelled the game to new heights in the series, ensuring its status as the highest-rated game in the Armored Core series to date.

At its core, Armored Core VI: Rubicon Fire represents the triumphant return of the beloved Armored Core series.

Through innovative gameplay, thrilling battle scenes, and expansion on new platforms, it successfully fused the series and captured the hearts of gaming enthusiasts, cementing its reputation as a standout title in the mecha genre.

Armored Core 6 gameplay

Armored Core VI offers an immersive gaming experience centered around mecha-vehicle combat. Players assume the role of a skilled pilot commanding a powerful mechanized suit called the Armored Core.

A defining feature of the game is the extensive customization options available for these mechs, giving players a way to fine-tune and enhance their abilities to their liking.

One of the notable highlights of the game is the variety of weapons players can equip their mechs with. These weapons can be equipped on each arm or on two additional slots on the back of the mech. This arrangement gives players a rich arsenal of weapons to choose from, providing strategic variety in intense combat scenarios.

Retaining the concept of its predecessor, Armored Core VI introduces the “Combat Capability Assessment Program,” an arena-like mode. In this mode, players have the opportunity to test their driving skills and engage in competitive battles with other players.

As a reward for successfully completing tasks, players will receive in-game currency called points. The number of credits earned depends on achieved assignment goals, and any unachieved goals may be deducted.

One notable difference from earlier entries in the series is the elimination of the debt system. Unlike its predecessors, which had financial penalties for failed missions, Armored Core VI allows players to perform missions repeatedly without fear of losing money.

This change removes the burden of financial implications, encouraging players to focus on honing their performance and working to improve. The lack of financial constraints creates an environment for experimentation and growth, incentivizing players to refine their strategies and improve their gameplay.

At its core, Armored Core VI offers a polished and player-friendly approach to mech-based combat gaming. The game’s emphasis on customization, diverse weaponry and the elimination of financial frustration creates an environment that promotes skill development and strategic thinking, inviting players to dive into the exciting world of mechanized warfare without hesitation.

Armored Core 6 trailer

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