All Sea of Stars Rainbow Conch Locations: A Complete Guide

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Star Ocean is a role-playing video game developed by Sabotage Studio and debuting in 2023. The game is available on multiple platforms including Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. It’s worth noting that Sea of ​​Stars shares a narrative universe with The Courier, another game released by Sabotage Studio in 2018.

In Sea of ​​Stars, players will be immersed in a captivating role-playing experience set in a fantasy world. The game’s developer, Sabotage Studio, has crafted a vast and engaging universe that players can explore across different gaming platforms. This diverse availability ensures that a wide range of players, regardless of their preferred gaming system, can enjoy the rich storytelling and immersive gameplay that Star Ocean offers.

The game’s setting is intrinsically tied to the narrative established in The Courier, demonstrating the developer’s dedication to creating a cohesive and interconnected game world. This shared universe allows players familiar with The Courier to delve deeper into the lore and connections between the two games, adding an extra layer of depth and intrigue to the gaming experience.

As players embark on a journey across the Sea of ​​Stars, they can expect a compelling, engaging story with the intricate world-building that Sabotage Studio is known for. The game’s availability on multiple platforms further emphasizes the developer’s commitment to ensuring that the game’s storyline, mechanics and exploration can be accessed and enjoyed by a wide audience.

To sum up, Sea of ​​Stars is a 2023 role-playing video game developed by Sabotage Studio. It expands the narrative universe established in The Courier and offers players the opportunity to immerse themselves in a rich and interconnected gaming experience across different platforms. With compelling storytelling and availability on multiple systems, Star Ocean promises players an engaging and accessible journey.

Xinghai Rainbow Conch All Locations

In this vast world of adventure, treasure seekers can find rainbow conchs hidden in various locations. These elusive and coveted items offer unique rewards to those who set out to find them. From the tranquil shores of X’tol’s Landing to the mysterious lair of the Necromancer, each Rainbow Conch is a testament to the world’s intricate design.

Join us on a journey to discover these hidden gems, each with their own set of requirements and secrets waiting to be uncovered. Whether it’s braving a dangerous dungeon or helping a villager in need, the path to these rainbow conches is filled with excitement and mystery. So get ready and immerse yourself in a mesmerizing adventure of a lifetime.


Rainbow Conch#



Ktor Landing 1 After entering X’tol’s Landing through the world map, cross the bridge and go west. The chest is slightly hidden behind a cliff.
wind tunnel mine 2 Take the elevator to the lower level of the mine and find the chest behind a pillar to the west.
Stonemason Outpost 3 Mistral bracelet In Stonemasons, enter the house to the left of a house with a closed door…
Stonemason Outpost 4 Mistral bracelet In front of the house with the closed door, jump up the ledge and enter a suspended room…
wetlands 5 Mistral bracelet Return to the moor in the direction of Stonemasons Outpost and follow the path until you reach the halfway point…
wetlands 6 Cobalt Hammer This one, you can only get into the story later. Access this area from X’tol’s Landing…
Coral Falls 7 Mistral bracelet As you fall down the falls, you’ll reach a place where you can choose between three of them…
Coral Falls 8 On the way to the exit you’ll find a breakable floor. Keep going west and jump on the geyser to propel you upward…
port town of brisk 9 When you reach the deck, head west to find an unhidden chest behind a palm tree.
port town of brisk 10 Jump into the water from Port Briscoe and swim a short distance west…
port town of brisk 11 Jump back into the water and swim east until you find two kids playing on the beach…
port town of brisk 12 Go to the top of the deck and jump into the water. Swim beneath it to find the hidden market.
port town of brisk 13 Go up the first staircase you see and keep walking until you find a house to the northwest…
port town of brisk 14 After Brisk is rebuilt When Blisk is rebuilt, head to the north of the city and sneak through the white brick rubble…
port town of brisk 15 After Brisk is rebuilt This rainbow conch involves a slight backtracking. Looking for an inspirational muse drinking ice cream…
Abandoned wizard laboratory 16 In the wizard’s laboratory, after inserting the blue and green crystals, you will enter an area with water…
Abandoned wizard laboratory number 17 After getting all three crystals Once you have all three crystals, combine the red and green and jump into the yellow portal…
Ghost Island Pier 18 On the straight line from Ghost Island Pier, you’ll pass a winding bridge. Below is a well-hidden chest.
Lucent Town 19 Once you reach Lucent, enter the house on the left and try to grab the chest. This painting will ban you…
Lucent Town 20 Once you reach the east entrance, jump south into the river. Swim all the way north, back to land, and find a chest in the corner.
cursed forest twenty one Follow the straight path through the Cursed Forest until you pass through thin wooden spikes and run into a clearing…
flooded cemetery twenty two When you reach the raft section, jump into the water and swim north until you find a chest floating on the water.
Necromancer’s Lair twenty three graplu Once you’ve obtained the Graplou, you’ll carry it with you in style until you return to the hovering platform…
Haunted House twenty four When you reach the garden, head to the west side of the garden and interact with the vase. Doing so will open a secret door…
ancient tomb 25 There is a shy chest behind the pillar on the left.
laugh 26 Head to the second floor of the central house, exit, and find a chest in the corner behind the building.
laugh 27 Fishing Plans and Fisherman Masters This chest is located next to the Happy Fishing Spot. To open a fishing lodge, you need a fishing plan…
steelpond island 28 Easily spotted on the lawn to the right.
moon cradle 29 On the east side of the village, a villager was complaining about the pile of leaves. Help him by blowing off those leaves…
moon cradle 30 To the west, there is another villager complaining, but this time he is complaining about the roots in the field…
sacred grove 31 Walk up the sacred grove and notice a small drop on the right. Jump in and swim underneath to find the chest.
Dokari Village 32 I strongly suggest you talk to Grandpa.


The use of rainbow conch in the sea of ​​stars

Rainbow Conch is a collectible in the game “Star Ocean”, carefully placed in the game world for players to discover and collect. The following are the main uses of Rainbow Conch in Star Ocean:

Trading with Mirna:

Myrna is the owner of Myrna’s Wonder Market, located in the underwater city of Docari, where she accepts rainbow conches in exchange for a range of valuable items, including weapons, armor, and accessories.

Unlock the treasure chest:

The Rainbow Conch has the ability to unlock specific treasure chests throughout the game. These chests contain valuable items such as weapons, armor, and accessories.

mission completed:

In the game, certain non-player characters (NPCs) may seek the Rainbow Conch as part of a quest. Completing these tasks often brings players generous rewards. It’s important to realize that the Rainbow Conch is not necessary to advance the core narrative of Star Ocean. However, their collections can provide an enjoyable and satisfying complementary pursuit for players keen on exploring the game world and acquiring rare and coveted items.

Rewards for collecting all Rainbow Conches

While no specific details were provided regarding the special rewards for collecting all Rainbow Conches in the Star Ocean, it is possible to receive additional rewards or advantages upon completing the collection. Based on the available search results, several potential results can be imagined:

Myrna’s thanks:

Mirna is an NPC located in the underwater city of Docarri, and she identifies players based on the cumulative number of rainbow conchs collected. It’s still reasonable that reaching certain milestones or assembling all Rainbow Conchs might result in unique and valuable rewards from Myrna.

Equipment and Relics:

According to AltChar, exchanging rainbow conches at Mirna’s premises can lead to a range of tempting rewards, including important equipment and artifacts. Collecting all Rainbow Conches may result in exclusive or valid equipment and artifacts.

Hidden enclaves or mysteries:

The pinnacle of the Rainbow Conch series may give you access to hidden areas or secrets within the game’s universe. The Star Ocean is known for its exploration and discovery aspects, which means collecting all the Rainbow Conches could herald extraordinary encounters, quests, or secret treasures.

It’s important to acknowledge that the precise rewards triggered by collecting all Rainbow Conches may vary and are not clearly described in existing search results. Still, given the traditional tradition of completing in-game collectibles and the propensity to earn corresponding rewards, it’s conceivable that collecting all the Rainbow Conches in Sea of ​​Stars would provide a special reward or advantage.

Star sea battle

According to existing information, the combat mechanism of “Star Sea” follows a turn-based structure. A few noteworthy aspects of the combat system include:

Click regularly:

Executing attacks in sync with animations can enhance the damage done and reduce incoming damage.

Multi-role combination:

Performing multi-character combo attacks allows players to deal higher damage.


Players have the ability to increase their attack power through enhancement mechanisms.

Lock system:

The game features a strategic “lock-on” system that can manipulate different damage types to disrupt enemies during their powerful attacks or spellcasting.

Spatial positioning:

The combat system combines traditional turn-based encounters with spatial positioning, allowing characters to move to attack.

No random encounters:

The game avoids the use of random encounters during gameplay.

Seamless combat transitions:

The game avoids using separate battlefield transitions during combat sequences.

No grinding required:

Gameplay does not require repeated grinding to progress. All in all, Star Ocean’s combat system is carefully designed to promote engagement and strategy. Its strategic depth is enhanced by an emphasis on timed hits, multi-character combos, and the tactical use of lock-on and damage-types.

The addition of spatial positioning further enriches the combat experience. The deliberate avoidance of random encounters, combat transitions, and grinding ensures an immersive and engaging experience in the game’s combat scenes.

Disclaimer: The above information is for general information purposes only. All information on this website is provided in good faith, but we make no representations or warranties, express or implied, as to the accuracy, adequacy, validity, reliability, availability or completeness of any information on this website.

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