All Blasphemous 2 Abilities and How to Unlock?

Blasphemy 2

“Blasphemous 2” was developed by the famous Spanish studio The Game Kitchen and continues the dark and fascinating narrative style of the first game’s Wounds of Evenside DLC. This sequel takes players back to a grim supernatural world where the mysterious entity known as “The Miracle” reappears. Players once again assume the role of the Penitent, a resurrected stoic warrior to fight against this evil force.

In this side-scrolling metroidvania adventure, players are transported into a hauntingly atmospheric realm filled with dangerous traps, challenging platforming sections, menacing enemies, and terrifying boss encounters. Desecration 2 builds on the foundation of its predecessor while introducing new elements such as a variety of weapons, each with their own unique attributes and skill trees.

From the powerful and bulky war censer to the agile dual-wielding rapiers and daggers, and the versatile prayer sword, these weapons not only determine your fighting style, but also aid in exploration and puzzle-solving. Customization is key in Blasphemous 2, allowing players to equip up to five “rosaries” for passive enhancements, as well as two active spells called “prayers.”

The game also features collectible statues that can provide rewards individually or strategically combined to provide rewards. Delve into the grim, foreboding world of Blasphemous 2 and guide the Penitent on his relentless quest to prevent the revival of Miracle.

All the abilities in Desecration 2 and how to unlock them?

Separate from the realm of weapon effects, Penitent’s features include movement enhancements that resonate with the wider Metroidvania fan community. These abilities, like double jump and air dash, have the potential to take you into uncharted territories, uncovering hidden treasures and coveted artifacts like cherubs and rosary beads. If the prospect of a double jump or air dash is key to grabbing that tempting ledge just out of your reach, take solace in our custom-made Desecration 2 skill guide.

Overall, Blasphemous 2 has four unique abilities. Once you find the urn that contains their essence, their manifestation will become a reality. Each urn finds its place on the altar, cleverly hidden in secluded recesses across the game’s vast map.

It’s worth noting that there are no strict benchmarks for the unlocking process; as you stumble upon these urns, their functionality blends seamlessly into your arsenal. Obtaining these talents, however, may require skillful use of specific Desecration 2 weapons, a quest guided by your initial choice when embarking on this Souls-like adventure.

For fans who delve deeper into the realm of metroidvania games, Blasphemous 2 is a potential choice. In this Souls-like game, you’ll face off against a series of opponents while choosing from three different archetypes: the classic greatsword, heavy chain, or twin swords.

Equipped with these starting weapons, your mission will unfold as you defeat enemies to gain weapon memories. These memories facilitate the upgrading of your archetypes and weapons through a comprehensive class skill tree system. Notably, each archetype not only excels in weapon mastery, but also gains basic core abilities that prove invaluable throughout your adventures. The four abilities of “Desecration 2” include the following.

1. Ascension Ivy

Discover the potential for vertical exploration when certain surfaces become suitable for climbing. Improving Ivy’s abilities unlocks this new skill. Find it in Profuno Lamento. After talking to Yerma and getting the Iron War Spear, venture to the right. As fate would have it, the floor collapses beneath your feet, revealing a hidden lower level where ascending ivy awaits your climbing efforts.

2. The passage of ashes

Use the Ash Passage ability to free up your movement, allowing the Penitent to perform an aerial leap. This opens up new ways to travel and explore. Tap into this power beneath her sanctuary. Embark on a journey across ledges, conquering pinnacles, and descending into clefts that stretch from La Muerte to the venerable Prie Dieu.

After defeating the powerful King Kong Sentinel Afilar, continue your expedition beyond the boss room. There, there’s a path in the lower left corner waiting for you to descend. This path will lead you to a pit that hides the Ashen Passage, which serves as your gateway to higher platforms and out from below.

3. Mercy of the Wind

Use the Wind Mercy ability to increase your agility, granting the Penitent the ability to dash through the air. Use this skill to break through once-insurmountable obstacles. Unleash the potential of this ability in Tower Crown. Climb the bridge to the right of the main hall inside the Cathedral of the Absent Face.

The bridge leads your steps toward the towering expanse known as the “Tower Crown.” Use Rugo Alba’s Art to break two sturdy tree trunks to provide access to the lower area. Here, Sarmiento and Sentra’s character transformation allows you to travel through the mirror ahead, ultimately revealing the coveted Wind Mercy ability.

4. Protection of descendants

Utilize the help of the Miracle Brothers through the protective abilities of the Descendants. Hold on tight to their ornaments and you’ll be able to access previously inaccessible areas. This gift awaits discovery in the Tower of Severance. Set off from Prie Dieu and head north, your guidepost on this mysterious journey.

Your path will lead you to a platform with a floating mirror and a mysterious puzzle statue. Keep going left until a wall appears in front of you. Go through a small gap at the top to reveal a hidden area. In this secret realm, the power of Descendant protection awaits your grasp.

With these Desecration 2 abilities, your skills include jumping, dashing, and climbing without restraint. These proficiencies make obtaining the Desecrated 2 Cherub and Desecrated 2 Wax Seed a breeze.

Additionally, they are indispensable when avoiding boss encounters. As a complement, consider exploring the best Blasphemous 2 resonances. Finally, our Blasphemy 2 review dives deep into our adventures in the labyrinthine realm of Cvstodia, unraveling its mysteries.


Blasphemous 2 release date

The much-anticipated sequel “Desecration 2”, developed by The Game Kitchen and published by Team17, was released to much anticipation on August 24, 2023, making a splash in the gaming world. The game is available on multiple platforms, including Windows PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

With its arrival, players can delve deeper into the 2D side-scrolling metroidvania action-adventure experience the series is known for, further building on the dark and immersive universe established by its predecessor. Following the digital release, the physical version of “Desecration 2” will also be released. It is scheduled to be released on September 15, 2023.

Additionally, a premium Digital Deluxe Edition is available for those seeking an enhanced experience, offering a digital artbook and the game’s official soundtrack. As the sequel’s release date approaches, fans are treated to a continuation of the series’ gripping narrative and challenging gameplay.

“Desecration 2” gameplay

Desecrated 2 retains the heart-pounding, Metroidvania-inspired gameplay that fans of the series love. Players once again step into the stoic boots of the Confessor and navigate a treacherous world filled with deadly traps, intricate platforming sections, sinister opponents, and epic boss battles. This side-scrolling adventure offers a wide variety of weapons, each with its own unique playstyle, ensuring combat remains engaging and strategic.

Customization is key, and players can equip rosaries for passive enhancements and unlock powerful prayers to help them on their journey. Desecration 2 continues the series’ tradition of immersing players in a dark, foreboding world while challenging their skills and wits at every turn.

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