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Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake 2 In the world of creepy survival horror games, Alan Wake II is a chilling masterpiece. Crafted by renowned game developer Remedy Entertainment and made possible by the publishing power of Epic Games Publishing, the game is the highly anticipated sequel to the iconic Alan Wake.

In this sinister saga, we are once again plunged into the dark and mysterious world of the best-selling horror novel Alan Wake. However, Wake’s situation took a tragic turn. He spent 13 painful years trapped in another dimension before embarking on a nerve-wracking escape journey. His lifeline? Creates a terrifying horror story that is intertwined with an FBI agent named Saga Anderson.

In the second installment of the Alan Wake series, the stakes are higher, the suspense is palpable, and the unknown grows larger. Fans of the original will find themselves drawn deeper into the twisted narrative, while new players will be introduced to a world of darkness, mystery and psychological horror.

Alan Wake 2 has a new plan

  • Talk to Casey and Estevez to exhaust all dialogue options, then get the cell key from Estevez. Added dialogue clues to Alan Wake 2 case board.

  • Use the Cell Key to open the collection at the Sheriff’s Station.

  • Check the files on the desk: “FBC File About Cauldron Lake Threshold to Another Reality” and “FBC File About Light Switch Object – Clicker Function”. Collect two files.

  • Added three FBC file clues to the “Wake and the Clicker” case on the board. Barbara Jagger’s clues related to “Scratch? Or Awakening?” The investigation revealed that the Kamaho Threshold clue was linked to the “How to Rescue Awakening?” investigation, and the Clicker Function clue was combined with the “Is Clicker Still Useful?” investigation.

  • Add any additional clues to the case board.

  • Introducing Tor and learning about Clicker on “Trusting Wake”.

  • Ask Estevez about the clicker and add the clues you get to the case board.

  • Tor is dissected again, this time in “Rescuing Wake”, using Clicker to formulate a rescue plan for Saga.

  • Share the rescue plan with Estevez and Casey.


Alan Wake 2 gameplay

Alan Wake II is different from the first game. In Alan Wake II, you play a survival horror game from a third-person perspective. You can be Alan Wake or Saga Anderson, and their stories can be played in any order, but the beginning and end of the game can only be played by Saga and Alan .

In this game, you will explore and fight enemies using guns and flashlights. You can focus the flashlight to make enemies vulnerable, but it drains battery so you have to use it carefully. You also need to manage limited batteries and bullets to survive. When enemies get too close, Eren or Saga can dodge to avoid them.

Alan Wake II has detective elements. While playing as Saga, you can pause the game and travel to a safe place called the “Heartland.” It’s like a 3D menu that showcases Saga’s ideas. In Mindland, you connect clues on the noteboard to solve the main mystery, and analyze characters to collect more clues.

Alan Wake 2 plot

In Alan Wake II, FBI profiler Saga Anderson and her partners investigate the Bright Falls murders. They discover a manuscript that predicts the future. As they hunt down the killer of a former FBI agent, they encounter strange events and dark forces. Saga communicated with a parallel world called the “Dark Place” and learned about a powerful item called the “Clicker.” They attempt to summon the real Alan Wake from the Dark Land. In the end, Saga banishes the evil being and appears to defeat it. In the post-credits scene, a mysterious message hints at a new twist.

Alan Wake 2 Overview


remedial entertainment


Epic Games Publishing


Sam Lake, Kyle Rowley


Antti Kerminen


Jenny Purkinen


Sam Lake, Clay Murphy, Tyler Burton Smith


Petri Alanco


Northern Lights Engine


PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox Series X/S


October 27, 2023


survival horror


single player

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