5 Letter Words Ending With USE List of Five Letter Words Ending in USE

5 letter words ending with USE

Are you ready to enter the wonderful world of words? Lately, it seems like everyone is looking for 5-letter words, all thanks to the addictive game Wordle! This feeling of solving puzzles not only improves your intelligence but also sharpens your brain by expanding your vocabulary. With the power of words, we can overcome everything!

Some play with words, while others wield them like masters. If you’re one of these word lovers, you might find yourself flipping through the dictionary, searching for terms that start with a specific letter or end with a specific letter. Well, guess what? You are in luck! This article is your ultimate guide to finding that elusive 5-letter word that ends with USE.

Feeling a little speechless? don’t worry! We offer you an impressive list of five letter words ending with RCH. But that’s not all – every word has its definition, giving you the chance to expand your vocabulary and impress your friends.

So, hang on and keep reading till the end. Get ready to unlock a treasure trove of words and their meanings that will leave you speechless!


Get ready to learn about the clever minds behind the addictive online word game Wordle! That person is none other than Josh Wardle, a talented programmer known for his previous creations such as the fascinating social experiment Place and Reddit’s The Button.

Wordle was born in October 2021, attracting word lovers everywhere. This exciting game challenges players to guess five-letter words in just six attempts. But here’s a twist: Wordle provides feedback in the form of colorful tiles, giving players valuable clues as to the location of each guessed letter. With each guess you will discover which letters appear in the correct position and which letters appear in other positions in the answer word. It’s a unique blend of strategy and reasoning that’s sure to fascinate you!


List of 5 letter words ending with USE

The following table contains 5 letter words ending with USE.

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The meaning of 5 letter words ending with USE

  • Arousal: To awaken or awaken someone or something, usually from sleep or inactivity.
  • Abuse: Using or treating something or someone in a harmful, cruel, or unfair way. It can also refer to verbal or physical abuse.

  • Entertainment: To entertain or provide enjoyment, usually through humor or interesting activities that provide laughter or enjoyment.

  • Cause: Causes or is the cause of a particular result or effect. It can also refer to a reason or justification for an action.

  • Vessel: A small container, usually made of earthenware or glass, used to hold and pour liquids such as oil or wine.

  • Douse: Pour a liquid onto something, usually to extinguish a fire or to thoroughly wet the object. It can also mean to immerse something in a liquid.

  • Druse: A geological term referring to a cavity within a rock that is lined with crystals, usually quartz crystals.

  • House: A building or structure designed for people to live in, usually providing shelter, comfort, and a place to live.

  • Lice: A small, wingless insect that infests the hair or clothing of humans and animals, often causing itching and discomfort. “Louse” can also be used informally to refer to a despicable or unpleasant person.

  • Meuse: It can refer to the Meuse River, which is a major river in Western Europe and flows through France, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

  • Rat: A typically small, furry rodent with a pointed nose and long tail. It is also used as a term for a computer pointing device.

  • Pause: A temporary cessation or cessation of an action or activity, usually for a brief rest or reflection.

  • Reuse: Using something again after it has been used before, usually as a way to reduce waste or conserve resources.

  • Scouse: Colloquial and informal abbreviation of “excuse”, often used colloquially to mean “excuse” or “excuse”.

  • Souse: Dip or soak something in a liquid, usually for pickling or preserving food. “Souse” can also refer to a person who is drunk or drunk.

  • Youse: A colloquial or dialectal variant of the word “you”, often used in some regional dialects of English, especially in informal speech.

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