10 Star Wars Moments We Desperately Need To See On Screen


  • Ahsoka’s potential kidnapping backstory by a false Jedi adds depth to the larger Jedi story.
  • Anakin’s knighting ceremony as a Jedi Knight remains a key moment yet to be depicted in canon.
  • Examining the grief of the parents of the younglings lost during Order 66 would humanize the tragedy.



These 10 Star Wars moments absolutely must be shown on screen eventually. Recent additions to Star Wars movies and TV shows have done a wonderful job of revealing new details about previous periods in the Star Wars timeline, from Clone Wars flashbacks in the Ahsoka show to brand-new battles between Darth Vader and Obi-Wan in Obi-Wan Kenobi. New shows, such as Star Wars: The Acolyte, also promise thrilling content in eras of Star Wars that have yet to be explored on screen.

However, several key moments still have yet to be depicted in Star Wars canon. Surprisingly, many of these gaps stem from Star Wars’ best movies, including moments pivotal to the Skywalker Saga. Of the Star Wars scenes that shockingly haven’t yet been shown in canon movies and shows, these 10 are the most significant.

Kanan Jarrus to the left holding back fire in Star Wars Rebels and Anakin Skywalker to the right with tears in his eyes in a combined image
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10 Ahsoka Nearly Being Kidnapped

Dave Filoni’s Plans For Ahsoka’s Jedi Origin Story Went Unused


Ahsoka Tano

Created By George Lucas , Dave Filoni Cast Ashley Eckstein , Rosario Dawson First Appearance Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008) Alliance Jedi

Ahsoka Tano’s Jedi journey almost had an even darker beginning, and Dave Filoni himself created it. Although the story never aired in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Filoni intended for Ahsoka to nearly be kidnapped by a false Jedi before the Jedi Order discovered her. This would have added a fascinating layer not only to Ahsoka’s story but also to the larger Jedi story; as Filoni pointed out, there were surely pirates and other nefarious beings out there seeking to use the Force-sensitive children’s powers for their personal gain.

While this story never made it into canon or on screen, it interestingly was mentioned in the Star Wars novel Ahsoka, written by E.K. Johnston. While that novel isn’t canon, it suggests that this story remains of interest in the Star Wars franchise. It would be amazing to see this backstory finally canonized, and the upcoming Ahsoka season 2 could be the perfect time to tell it.

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9 Anakin’s Knighting Ceremony

So Far, No Canon Movie Or Show Has Depicted Anakin Becoming A Jedi Knight

Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader

Created By George Lucas Cast Bob Anderson , Hayden Christensen , James Earl Jones , Matt Lanter , Matt Lucas , Jake Lloyd , David Prowse , Sebastian Shaw First Appearance Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope Alliance Jedi, Sith

Shockingly, one of the most important moments in Anakin Skywalker’s Jedi journey hasn’t been shown on screen, at least in the canon. The non-canonical Star Wars: Clone Wars (2003) did include a brilliant episode showing both Obi-Wan Kenobi’s speech to Anakin telling him he was ready for the change and the actual ceremony; however, surprisingly, The Clone Wars (2008) never did. This seems like a massive missed opportunity, as this was undoubtedly a key moment for Anakin and also would simply make for a cool scene.

However, Star Wars could still depict this moment. After all, Hayden Christensen has now reprised his role as Anakin in Obi-Wan Kenobi and Ahsoka, and Ahsoka even showed Christensen playing Anakin in live-action during the Clone Wars era. While it isn’t clear how involved Christensen will be in upcoming Star Wars shows, the door remains open for Star Wars to finally show in the canon what was surely a profound moment for Anakin.

8 Parents Grieving The Dead Younglings

Highlighting Parents’ Grief Would Humanize And Honor The Fallen Younglings


While it might be easy to dull the horror of Order 66 with a joke or a meme, this truly was a brutal event, and the violence enacted against the innocent younglings is one of the darkest moments in Star Wars history. However, while Star Wars has done a beautiful job revealing the pain and suffering experienced by the survivors of Order 66, the clone troopers involved in Order 66, and the victims of Order 66, the franchise has neglected one group entirely. The parents of the younglings who died have never been shown grieving.

While it might be easy to dull the horror of Order 66 with a joke or a meme, this truly was a brutal event.

While, yes, the structure of the Jedi Order means that younglings will likely not even remember their parents, that doesn’t mean the reverse is true. Undoubtedly, when parents who had let their infants and toddlers go with the Jedi discovered what had happened at the Jedi Temple, they were horrified and beyond devastated. This grief should be honored for the sake of the families and the fallen younglings and to highlight how terrible this tragedy was.

7 Rex Realizing Darth Vader Is Anakin

Captain Rex And Anakin Skywalker Were Incredibly Close


Captain Rex

Created By George Lucas Cast Dee Bradley Baker First Appearance Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008) Alliance Clone Army, Rebel Alliance

As a captain of the 501st battalion, which Anakin Skywalker led, Captain Rex became very close with Anakin during the Clone Wars. In fact, while many clone troopers and Jedi bonded, Rex, Anakin, and Ahsoka were particularly close, very clearly crossing lines from soldiers to friends. This would no doubt mean that Rex discovering the truth about Anakin Skywalker’s fate—that he had become Darth Vader—would be absolutely crushing to Rex.

However, this moment hasn’t yet been depicted in Star Wars. In fact, it isn’t clear whether Rex ever learned what became of his friend. This would be a meaningful event for Star Wars to show, though. For one, Rex deserves to know what came of Anakin, both his fall to the dark side and, hopefully, his redemption as well. For another, this would be another excellent demonstration of the extensive ramifications Anakin’s decisions had on the larger Star Wars galaxy. It’s also quite possible that Ahsoka told Rex at some point, as she learned Anakin’s fate in Star Wars Rebels.

6 Vader Attempting to Resurrect Padmé

Darth Vader Undoubtedly Tried Several Times To Bring Padmé Back


Padmé Amidala

Created By George Lucas Cast Natalie Portman , Catherine Taber First Appearance Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace Alliance Naboo, Republic

Despite Anakin being at fault for Padmé’s death (whether she died of a broken heart or died from pregnancy complications because he Force choked her), his one goal from the beginning of Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith was to keep her alive. While the dark side clearly corrupted his mind, it’s impossible that he would have entirely abandoned his desperation for Padmé to stay alive after he became Darth Vader. Star Wars has also confirmed this, though not in a canon TV show or movie.

In Star Wars comics and video games, from the comic Darth Vader #4 to the game Vader Immortal, Vader clearly remained obsessed with Padmé, her death, and the possibility of bringing her back. It’s odd that Star Wars movies and shows have never explored that aspect of Vader’s story on-screen. Many hope that Star Wars will release a Darth Vader show, following the pattern of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Ahsoka. While no such show has been announced, this would be a brilliant way for this story to be shown.

5 Bail And Breha Organa’s Final Moments

Princess Leia’s Adoptive Parents Deserve Better


Leia Organa

Created By George Lucas Cast Carrie Fisher , Ingvild Deila , Vivien Lyra Blair First Appearance Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope Alliance Rebel Alliance, New Republic, Resistance

While the pain of Luke and Leia not being raised by Anakin and Padmé will never really go away, it is nevertheless beautiful that each twin was raised by loving adoptive parents. In Luke’s case, that was Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru, and for Leia, it was Bail and Breha Organa. However, Bail and Breha were brutally murdered in A New Hope when the Empire used the Death Star to destroy Alderaan. Not only did Leia watch this happen, but also, their experiences were not even shown. They simply ceased to be.

The Star Wars prequel trilogy and Obi-Wan Kenobi have since made it quite clear that Bail and Breha deserved better. While that doesn’t mean that their deaths could or should be re-written, it does mean that more insight into their final moments should be shown on screen. In fact, the short story “Eclipse,” written by Madeleine Roux and published in the book From a Certain Point of View described Bail and Breha’s perspectives during Alderaan’s destruction. This would be an amazing moment for Star Wars to bring to life on screen.

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The Star Wars prequel trilogy and Obi-Wan Kenobi have since made it quite clear that Bail and Breha deserved better.

4 Young Ben Solo With Leia And Han

Ben Solo’s Story Is A Great Star Wars Tragedy


Ben Solo/Kylo Ren

Created By J.J. Abrams , Michael Arndt , Lawrence Kasdan Cast Adam Driver , Matthew Wood First Appearance Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens Alliance Jedi, First Order

Ben Solo may have become the evil Kylo Ren eventually, but he was at first just an innocent boy (whose uncle attacked him) and the son of two of Star Wars‘ greatest heroes. Sadly, the sequel trilogy didn’t share many humanizing moments in Ben Solo’s life pre-dating Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and Ben died in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. This means that, while not impossible, Ben’s story is unlikely to continue in Star Wars. If Ben never returned to the franchise in any capacity, that would be a terrible shame.

For one, Ben was the last of the Skywalker bloodline, the importance of which really cannot be overstated. This alone should grant his story additional attention in the franchise. However, the sequel trilogy also failed to ever show Han Solo, Leia Organa, and Ben Solo together as a family. Doing so in flashback, either in Ahsoka season 2 or another Star Wars project, would be very meaningful, especially if Ben Solo is truly dead and not returning in any upcoming Star Wars movies.

3 Luke Training Padawans At His Jedi Temple

Luke’s Prime Has Been Shown Minimally In Star Wars


Luke Skywalker

Created By George Lucas Cast Mark Hamill , Grant Feely First Appearance Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope Alliance Jedi

Luke was incredibly powerful in Return of the Jedi, but the sequel trilogy revealed a very different version of Luke, for the worse. Rather than a powerful Jedi Master who had grown in his abilities and established a Jedi Order, Luke had become a hermit, hiding from the galaxy and refusing to help the Resistance fight the First Order because of his failure with Ben Solo. While newer Star Wars projects, such as The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett, have shown glimpses of the period between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens, they have been brief.

This is truly a shame because this era of Star Wars would have been Luke’s prime. Although he was already a powerful Jedi in the original trilogy, the New Republic Era would have seen Luke really coming into his own and embracing a role as Jedi Master. Sadly, that has yet to be fully shown. Ideally, Star Wars will at least show scenes of Luke training Padawan learners at his Jedi Temple at some point, which may be as close as audiences get to seeing a true Jedi Master Luke Skywalker.

2 Luke And Leia Learning About Padmé

Padmé Deserves To Be Remembered

One of the most painful mysteries still unanswered in Star Wars is the extent to which Luke or Leia ever learned about their mother. Padmé was a truly incredible person who proved herself to be not only a brave queen at just 14 years old but also a compassionate, selfless senator in the Republic Senate. Moreover, Padmé wanted to be a mother, and she no doubt would have been an excellent one. It’s brutal to think that Luke and Leia may never have learned what an amazing legacy their mother left behind.

It’s brutal to think that Luke and Leia may never have learned what an amazing legacy their mother left behind.

So far, Star Wars has only depicted Obi-Wan describing Padmé (without naming her) to young Leia in Obi-Wan Kenobi. Hopefully, future Star Wars shows and movies will reveal that Luke and Leia both learned extensively about their mother, as that would do Padmé’s memory justice and ameliorate some of the pain still lingering after her death and the twins’ separation from her. While it isn’t clear when or how that could take place, it would be a very meaningful update for the Skywalker family.

1 Ben Solo As A Force Ghost

Ben’s Death Should Be Improved In Some Way

Ben Solo’s death was a massive disappointment in Star Wars for a number of reasons. As the final Skywalker, at least in terms of bloodline, Ben’s death confirmed that the Skywalker Saga truly had ended, and it wasn’t done in a way that brought much comfort to those invested in the Skywalker stories. In fact, rather than being supported by any Force ghosts, Ben died with only Rey by his side, seemingly truly abandoned by his family. Moreover, there was so much more that Ben could have done; his life seemed to be cut much too short.

There’s little hope that Ben Solo will return to Star Wars in a significant way, so the best possibility may be that he makes an appearance as a Force ghost, perhaps in Rey’s new Star Wars movie. While his return hasn’t been confirmed—in fact, quite the opposite—this would be a wonderful move for Star Wars to make, especially in light of how disappointing his death was. While none of these scenes is confirmed to be included in Star Wars’ upcoming movies and TV shows, each would be amazing to finally see on screen.


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