10 Marvel Villains Perfect For Miles Morales’ Potential Live-Action Spider-Man Movie


  • Sony has confirmed plans for a live-action movie featuring Miles Morales’ Spider-Man following his success in the animated
  • Miles Morales has faced powerful villains such as the Spider Society, Kingpin, and the Spot in the
    franchise, but could face even more terrifying foes in live-action.
  • Villains including Frank Oliver’s Kangaroo, Norman Osborn’s Green Goblin, Conrad Marcus’ Venom, and Aaron Davis’ Prowler would make excellent additions to Miles Morales’ live-action movie.

There are many powerful villains from Marvel Comics that Miles Morales could face in his first ever live-action adaptation by Sony or in the MCU. Miles Morales has had several animated adaptations across film, TV, and video games, but is yet to appear in live-action, despite being one of the most popular characters to adopt the moniker of Spider-Man in Marvel Comics. After his huge success in Sony’s animated Spider-Verse franchise, however, this will soon change, as a live-action movie focused on Miles Morales has been confirmed.

Producer Amy Pascal and Spider-Verse creative Christopher Miller have revealed a live-action Miles Morales project will be developed after two upcoming Spider-Man movies. These include a fourth solo movie for Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in the MCU, and the much anticipated Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse, which will conclude Miles Morales’ animated battle against the Spider Society and the Spot. These have been formidable antagonists for Miles Morales, but there are many more Spider-Man villains from Marvel Comics that could threaten the wall-crawler in his first live-action movie.

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10 Dr. Johnathon Ohnn’s Spot

Miles Morales Has Been Battling The Multiversal Spot In The Animated Spider-Verse Franchise


Since Miles Morales was introduced to Marvel Comics as the Spider-Man of an alternate reality, that of Earth-1610, it’s very likely that his live-action debut will explore the concept of the multiverse. This makes it possible for his animated nemesis to make the move to live-action, too. Sony’s Spider-Verse franchise has built up Johnathon Ohnn’s Spot as Miles Morales’ greatest threat, and his new multiversal power means he can continue to be a significant foe for the young wall-crawler in live-action.

Jason Schwartzman voices the Spot in
Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse
, and will likely reprise the role for the upcoming sequel.

In Marvel Comics, scientist Ohnn became the Spot after being exposed to an otherworldly dimension known as “Spotworld”, covering his body in micro-portals that he uses to deflect enemy attacks. He was originally a villain to Peter Parker’s Spider-Man, but has fought Miles Morales on several occasions. Given his prominence in the Spider-Verse movies, it would be great to see the Spot and Miles Morales’ feud continue in live-action.

9 Frank Oliver’s Kangaroo

Kangaroo Was Miles Morales’ First Villain In Marvel Comics


After receiving superpowers and witnessing Peter Parker’s demise on Earth-1610, Miles Morales decides to become Spider-Man in his place. During his first night as the new superhero, Miles comes face-to-face with the Ultimate Universe’s version of Frank Oliver’s Kangaroo. Despite being a relatively small villain in Marvel Comics, it would be great to see Miles Morales take on his first ever foe in his live-action movie, perhaps before fighting a much more sinister and terrifying antagonist.

Frank Oliver holds an important place in the wall-crawler’s story, and this deserves to be depicted on-screen.

The Ultimate Universe’s version of Frank Oliver was a gang-boss who used Kingpin’s misfortunes to gain territory and influence. He was eventually imprisoned, but escaped to seek revenge on his former partner, only to be stopped in the act by Miles Morales’ Spider-Man. Much like Miles himself, the Kangaroo has never had a live-action adaptation, but as Miles’ first villain as Spider-Man, Frank Oliver holds an important place in the wall-crawler’s story, and this deserves to be depicted on-screen.

8 Maximus Gargan’s Scorpion

Miles Morales’ Live-Action Debut Could Pay Off A 7 Year Old MCU Tease


Marvel’s Ultimate Universe introduced two versions of the Scorpion. One was a clone of Spider-Man, who sported a suit of armor in the shape of a scorpion. The other was Maximus Gargan, who was a mob boss who had worked with the Prowler, but was betrayed by Miles Morales’ villainous uncle. Maximus Gargan was a hardened criminal, and was incredibly dangerous, so he would make a brilliant villain for Miles Morales in his first live-action movie, particularly since this storyline would also feature Aaron Davis as another villain.

By bringing Maximus Gargan’s Scorpion into Miles Morales’ live-action debut, Sony or Marvel Studios (whoever takes on the job) can pay off a seven-year-old MCU tease. Back in 2017’s Spider-Man: Homecoming, Michael Mando debuted as Mac Gargan, and his evolution into the Scorpion was teased, but hasn’t come to pass in the years since. It would be great to see Mando reprise the role to battle Miles Morales’ Spider-Man, especially since there are signs his depiction of the villain was based on Maximus Gargan from the Ultimate Universe.

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7 Arkady Rossovich’s Omega Red

Omega Red Can Introduce Miles Morales To The World Of Mutants


While the mainstream Omega Red was forced to undergo experimentation, the Ultimate Universe’s version of the mutant villain volunteered to get his enhancements due to his hatred of humans. He battled Peter Parker’s Spider-Man several times before coming into contact with Miles Morales’ new wall-crawler, still in the early days of his career as Spider-Man. If Miles Morales’ live-action debut takes place in the MCU, Omega Red will be able to be included as a powerful mutant villain, which would also help to develop the MCU’s upcoming X-Men storylines.

Omega Red may seem an unusual villain for Miles Morales to fight, but his battle with the new Spider-Man was an important moment for Miles. This fight saw Miles experience his spider sense for the first time, and inspired him to train more vigorously, wanting to be able to fulfill his new purpose as an even stronger superhero. This would be a great process to see unfold in live-action.

Marvel Animation recently featured a cameo by Omega Red in
X-Men ’97
, perhaps teasing the villain’s upcoming live-action debut in the MCU proper.

6 Quentin Beck’s Mysterio

Mysterio Can Bring Miles Morales & Peter Parker Together For The First Time


Tom Holland’s Peter Parker already faced off against Mysterio in 2019’s Spider-Man: Far From Home, with the film seemingly ending with Quentin Beck’s demise. However, it’s always possible that the master of illusion can return, and his reprisal in Miles Morales’ first live-action project would mark the perfect opportunity to bring Peter Parker and Miles Morales together. It was Mysterio who first brought these two Spider-Men together back in 2012, so his return, perhaps with Jake Gyllenhaal reprising the role, could do the same in live-action.

Bringing Peter Parker and Miles Morales together would give the latter’s live-action debut more emotional weight.

While Mysterio would present a huge threat to both Peter Parker and Miles Morales in this storyline, this could also create the opportunity for some hugely emotional moments, just like in Marvel Comics’ Spider-Men series. Most notably, this run saw Peter Parker reunite with the Aunt May and Mary Jane of Miles’ reality, which would be a tender exchange for Tom Holland’s Parker after the tragic events of 2021’s Spider-Man: No Way Home. Bringing Peter Parker and Miles Morales together would give the latter’s live-action debut more emotional weight.

5 Norman Osborn’s Green Goblin

The Ultimate Universe’s Green Goblin Is Very Different To Marvel’s Original Villain


Willem Dafoe returned as his iconic version of Norman Osborn’s Green Goblin in Spider-Man: No Way Home, but Miles Morales’ live-action debut has the chance to introduce a very different version of the well-known villain. Instead of being a twisted, psychological villain, the Ultimate Universe’s Norman Osborn transformed into a looming, grotesque, demon-like creature as the Green Goblin, presenting a more physical threat to Peter Parker and Miles Morales. This version of the Green Goblin even managed to kill Parker, allowing Miles to become Spider-Man.

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Introducing this version of the Green Goblin would be a great way for Sony and Marvel Studios to separate this iteration from Dafoe’s tough-to-beat version. There has been speculation that Norman Osborn will soon be joining the MCU, though there’s been no official confirmation, but bringing the Ultimate Universe’s version into the franchise would work well. The Green Goblin would also present a monstrous threat to Miles Morales, perhaps being the perfect main antagonist of his first live-action movie, especially if it details the death of Peter Parker’s Spider-Man.

4 Dr. Conrad Marcus’ Venom

Miles Morales’ Live-Action Debut Could Be Venom’s Best Next Step After The Last Dance


Tom Hardy is set to return as Eddie Brock’s Venom for the final time in Sony’s upcoming Venom: The Last Dance, but that doesn’t need to be Venom’s last appearance. The legendary Spider-Man villain has the chance to return not only in the MCU’s Spider-Man 4, but also in Miles Morales’ first live-action movie. In the latter, Venom could take Dr. Conrad Marcus as its host, just as it does in the Ultimate Universe of Marvel Comics. This would be a great way to continue Venom’s live-action story, while putting a new spin on the character.

Sony Pictures chairman Tom Rothman confirmed that
Venom: The Last Dance
would be Tom Hardy’s last movie back in May 2024.

In Marvel Comics, Conrad Marcus was the scientist who helped create the OZ-injected spider that bit Miles Morales and gave him his abilities. He stole a piece of the Venom symbiote to track down Spider-Man and destroy his evidence, but targeted Jefferson Davis, Miles Morales’ father, by mistake. During this battle, Venom seemingly devoured Spider-Man and fatally wounded Rio Morales, Miles’ mother, before Miles eventually defeated the villain. This was a hugely emotional story that would be great to see in live-action, though Miles’ first movie may be too soon to kill off his parents.

3 Galactus

Miles Morales Could Join An Alternate Avengers Team To Take On The Planet-Eater


Due to the actions of an alternate universe’s Wolverine, numerous beings from other realities were sent across the multiverse in Marvel Comics’ Cataclysm event in 2013. This included Earth-616’s Galactus being sent to Earth-1610, where the terrifying planet-eater came into opposition by Miles Morales and Earth-1610’s version of the Avengers, the Ultimates. Should Miles Morales’ live-action debut take place in the MCU, this would be a fantastic storyline to follow, particularly after Galactus’ debut in the MCU’s The Fantastic Four​​​​​​​ reboot.

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Ralph Ineson will voice Galactus in The Fantastic Four, while Pedro Pascal’s Reed Richards could also have a part to play in Miles Morales’ debut movie. In the comics, the Ultimates employ the help of Earth-616’s Reed Richards to thwart Galactus, so this could be the perfect storyline to connect Miles Morales to the wider world of the MCU. Galactus is one of the most exciting upcoming additions to the MCU, but he shouldn’t be just a one-and-done villain, so it would be fantastic to see him return to battle Miles Morales’ Spider-Man.

2 Sinister Six

A Version Of The Sinister Six Could Finally Appear In Miles Morales’ Live-Action Debut


Following Marvel Comics’ Secret Wars event in 2015, which saw Miles Morales’ universe destroyed, but the hero and many of his supporting characters implanted into Marvel’s new main timeline, a new Sinister Six team formed. Far removed from the original version of the villainous team, the new Sinister Six was led by Aaron Davis, Miles’ uncle, during his time as the Iron Spider. He was joined by Bombshell, Electro, Sandman, Hobgoblin, and the Spot, so this would be a formidable inclusion in Miles Morales’ live-action debut.

Marvel Comics’ original Sinister Six team comprised Doctor Octopus, Electro, Kraven the Hunter, Mysterio, Sandman, and the Vulture.

Sony have been trying to bring a version of the Sinister Six into live-action since the villain group was first teased in 2014’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2. 2022’s reviled Morbius provided the most recent tease of the formation of the Sinister Six in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe, but it’s unclear when this will actually happen. Miles Morales’ live-action debut could pose the perfect opportunity to finally bring the Sinister Six together, especially if led by Miles’ own uncle.

1 Aaron Davis’ Prowler

The MCU’s Prowler Has Already Been Seen On-Screen


It seems the most likely villain for Miles Morales’ first live-action movie is bound to be his uncle, Aaron Davis, who is most famously known as the Prowler. Long before becoming the Iron Spider, Aaron Davis fought Miles Morales as the Prowler after learning of Miles’ actions as Spider-Man. A brief battle between Aaron and Miles culminated in the former’s vibro-shock gauntlet exploding, causing his demise, which Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse suggested is a canon event for Miles Morales, in much the same way Uncle Ben dies in Peter Parker’s timelines.

It seems very likely that Donald Glover will return as the Prowler in the upcoming Miles Morales​​​​​​​ movie.

The foundations are already laid for Aaron Davis’ Prowler to be a significant threat to Miles Morales in his upcoming live-action movie. Donald Glover debuted as Aaron Davis in 2017’s Spider-Man: Homecoming, seemingly confirming Miles Morales’ existence in the MCU, and Glover reprised the role in Across the Spider-Verse. In the latter, he even sported a Prowler costume, so it seems very likely that Donald Glover will return as the Prowler in the upcoming Miles Morales​​​​​​​ movie.

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